SML Movie: Rich Scooter! 

Ganger 6 mill
98% 60 160 1 192

Scooter gets rich!




5. mars. 2021





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SML 2 måneder siden
Go watch the behind the scenes: nosections.info/green/l21xo3uXYHilmdg/video.html
Gurdeep Gill
Gurdeep Gill 16 dager siden
Jaysuo 24 dager siden
Emilio Solis
Emilio Solis 29 dager siden
Emilio Solis
Emilio Solis 29 dager siden
Junior Chavez
Junior Chavez Måned siden
Cindy Glasser
Cindy Glasser 3 timer siden
next sml Brooklyn T guys son!
MytokyokittyStudios 19 timer siden
Well at least Mr. Goodman is nicer than Mr. Burns. *Mr. Goodman:* (hits Scooter with his car) Here’s $200,000 in cash *Mr. Burns:* (hits Bart with his car) Smithers, give the boy a nickel and lets go.
Alejandro Sifuentes
Benjamin Heidrich
I do with 200k buy your home
Roxx N Bubbz Aznoe
hmm what would i buy with $200,000 i would buy as much food as i can and give it away to homeless
House Boys
House Boys Dag siden
Scooter is good and kind and he has money and bario (mario or marvin) just want the money all to himself and boklyn guy which is mean.
House Boys
House Boys Dag siden
Also the sml question im just gonna save it for a while and then im gonna kick somebody if they tryna stealing ma money or trying to plan on stealing it
Danessa Theresa
Danessa Theresa Dag siden
michelle candela
Scooters birthday is today
Jaiden 2 dager siden
Gabi Baby
Gabi Baby 2 dager siden
I would by more money with 200000
The Best Out Of The Best
i would buy sml channel for 50k and then buy one million robux then but 1percent of space xs stocks
Turtle Man
Turtle Man 2 dager siden
I would buy a lion or tiger
Hasan The blue
Hasan The blue 3 dager siden
Sara Reynolds
Sara Reynolds 3 dager siden
Gaming set up's and vr
Hamdan Ahmad Jassim Akran Al-Ali
Joyceeigd do s Palmg free eer
What's up my dad ✋😄😁🖤 I hate you
Drama_boy Ievon
Drama_boy Ievon 4 dager siden
I would buy a dodge clallenger
Flare burst 9
Flare burst 9 5 dager siden
Awkward for Brooklyn guy and his wife
Bankz soupy__trash highlights
Scooter is Mr beast
Lacey Renaud
Lacey Renaud 5 dager siden
i want1
Lacey Renaud
Lacey Renaud 5 dager siden
hi maat
malachi Robinson
malachi Robinson 6 dager siden
A Jeffy puppet
Zaid Image
Zaid Image 6 dager siden
0:59 every tick tok girl ever
Malek k
Malek k 6 dager siden
THE worst fing happen
Keiron Knapp
Keiron Knapp 6 dager siden
Thanks to Nintendo your channels dieing so stop making crappy videos and make sml because this isn't sml any more now its just a sit com
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez 6 dager siden
I would bye 100 Jeffy's and color then blue
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith 7 dager siden
A Boyfriend
Ian Blount
Ian Blount 7 dager siden
An epic gaming setup and a g wagon
ZMDE Animations
ZMDE Animations 7 dager siden
Hahahahahah what? Happend
Tiko9129 7 dager siden
I would save 200.000 for a new house
Carlos Cecilio
Carlos Cecilio 7 dager siden
Nobody Yup just nobody
I would buy all the sml merch
《Laffy taffy 》
《Laffy taffy 》 8 dager siden
I would donate to the poor
RedBloxy 69
RedBloxy 69 8 dager siden
I love it like scooter and Jeffy looks the same
Red 8 dager siden
bye miss am gonna move to bulltomore
Videogames373 8 dager siden
A family
Birdz_cool 8 dager siden
Is it just me or does scooter remind me of wade (trevors friend) from gta
Malisa Turner
Malisa Turner 8 dager siden
I would help my mom with it
Raskirat and Groomy
Raskirat and Groomy 8 dager siden
Zzz why
Marc-Kervens Denoe
Marc-Kervens Denoe 8 dager siden
Buy Play Station 5
Dorito Crown
Dorito Crown 9 dager siden
Wow 🤩
Oh Wine
Oh Wine 10 dager siden
Hello hello hi hi hello I am getting killed
kayt white
kayt white 10 dager siden
Scooters very very nice
Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves 10 dager siden
Olso don’t you tell 🤫
Jason Reeves
Jason Reeves 10 dager siden
I would by goche stuff 🤫
sarah m
sarah m 10 dager siden
Thatsmymess 10 dager siden
Don’t come crying to me don’t come crying Don’t come crying
Zaka er Kul
Zaka er Kul 11 dager siden
jeg er kul
Jeremy Friend
Jeremy Friend 11 dager siden
Bye a PS5 and a car and give it to charity
Dean gaming and crazy spongebob fan
my favourite funny parts 00:08:52 Karen I hate you I’m divorcing you tomorrow
Ristum Rocks
Ristum Rocks 12 dager siden
What would I do if I had 200 thosand I would buy Pokémon cards and electric dirt bike and vintage toys and consoles
Amana Yahyaoui
Amana Yahyaoui 12 dager siden
1:14 oopsie I made a poopsie
Emma Kriss
Emma Kriss 12 dager siden
If I had 200000000 dollars I would buy a Tesla if they are that much
Seif_Amar 12 dager siden
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 13 dager siden
10:53 vbucks
screen master
screen master 13 dager siden
If you watch the don't come crying to me baby song you will get the reference
Marverick Jayden
Marverick Jayden 13 dager siden
How do you get the older money to on real life for the puppets 23456789 how do you get the old girls money you brought my brain already even broke my brain there much money
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas 13 dager siden
BnzfHay jsjdmjfmjfjsjsj4iftxj4
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas 13 dager siden
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Thomas 13 dager siden
N as dz men's GMO Khan's ms mid JFK's JJ desirous is is kid his her BBC BBB JD n men's cm dB dz km ms JJ desirous drawn in skzkskejdjsjdjdjjkdkisidissk
Alexia Lanham
Alexia Lanham 13 dager siden
Why does Santa Claus begin trying to get $40,000
yami naku
yami naku 13 dager siden
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 13 dager siden
Do you know I wish I was rich like lots of money 💰
koi RBitog
koi RBitog 13 dager siden
I would spent is on a ps5w
Nicolai Ramjohn
Nicolai Ramjohn 13 dager siden
When scooter said the girl was a fire fighter I think her job was a sripper
Battle Boys Gaming
Battle Boys Gaming 14 dager siden
YOOgurT FYNgus
YOOgurT FYNgus 14 dager siden
3:14 *awwww*
f. f
f. f 14 dager siden
He said not go outside🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jagger Sampl
Jagger Sampl 14 dager siden
I feel bad
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 14 dager siden
Cameron Villwock
Cameron Villwock 15 dager siden
All the fnaf games plushies action figures and fan costumes
Haha Warre
Haha Warre 15 dager siden
Minin rig
Lazarbeam Is the G.O.A.T
When Brooklyn guys on the phone the dude on the Mr. beast show he’s also the same thing in just got a Mr. beast video he just give me $40,000 I know this kid is crazy
Jose Lopez navarro
Jose Lopez navarro 15 dager siden
Nissan Silvia
Nissan Silvia 15 dager siden
0:49 Mercedes bout to be Mercedes Benz over 😂😂😂
we are we all the ninja
0:00. Wow
we are we all the ninja
Samantha parr
Samantha parr 16 dager siden
Riley's Studio
Riley's Studio 16 dager siden
*other sml ideas* Jeffys video game *more important* The 2050 portal So all of the sml characters Go into it So jeffys smart Goodman’s homeless Chef pps a billionaire Joseph’s mom came back Juniors not chubby And jeffys dads grandpa is 1’000 years old
Jasem Alhosani
Jasem Alhosani 17 dager siden
Mindy The fact that you can be the same as the
Jaxson 🐕‍🦺 and the family of the video of the work of the person who made it in the last semester in school very good luck 🍀👍🏻 is a better student than you do and you are learning so many things to help in the person next to your school and your kids and your family recipes and you have to learn more about your learning experience as well as your life and your life is a amazing 🤩 that I love ❤️
Alexander Reza
Alexander Reza 17 dager siden
Sggacsfwtcs Suggs bud s sacxfauzgw w wcgusjs scsvhsusg s stiff😞😞😞ijshsbs bxixpwowgbxbxnxkxx Swims s x. B hi jxj x s xbxgxg ggxvsvhsysytstvsvebensjxhhxbdvdvfdgggghdjhebsysgdvs x nxkxicj xvxvxhxjxjxjjxjx x xhjxix
Kirsty O
Kirsty O 17 dager siden
Gcugihju please let me know what time you can come over band please please bye thank you for the update please please thank you bye bye thank you bye thank you for the invite please bye
Kirsty O
Kirsty O 17 dager siden
Annie the best unicorn
Annie the best unicorn 17 dager siden
I love scooter and Jeffy 👨‍❤️‍👨
Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia 17 dager siden
only OG can commet
Jayx Rodríguez
Jayx Rodríguez 17 dager siden
Sml Idea : Lego Luigi
Jayx Rodríguez
Jayx Rodríguez 17 dager siden
Sml Idea : Jeffy Goes Blind
Jowell De Jesus
Jowell De Jesus 18 dager siden
SML Answer: I would buy my school and blow it up
Carlos Avalos
Carlos Avalos 18 dager siden
Food for my family and my grandma and grandpa to cus they do not have food they have to take some of are food
WiNt 18 dager siden
A lambo
abell cristopher gennon
scooter became mr beast
Sami 18 dager siden
Mr beast be like
Noah Ballard
Noah Ballard 18 dager siden
I would help my mom since she has stage 4 cancer😞
Claudia Victor
Claudia Victor 18 dager siden
lil Huddy
lil Huddy 19 dager siden
i would buy a slave
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