SML Movie: Roy's Cool Lessons! 

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24. april. 2021





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SML 3 måneder siden
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Blinkszxz 19 dager siden
U Lci
U Lci 19 dager siden
Hi Come in r house
sKitsnMore 21 dag siden
royal.remyyy 22 dager siden
Treyshawn Gumbs
Treyshawn Gumbs 22 dager siden
Nicola Ignatov
Nicola Ignatov 4 timer siden
go sub to there chanel if you havent
Nicola Ignatov
Nicola Ignatov 4 timer siden
roy really thgat that jonior was really the last roy
Eli Tamayo
Eli Tamayo 5 timer siden
You know what I noticed jr joseph jeffy they all start with j
ELITE_Fxcus 5 timer siden
Ĉan î get one sub from this
justin 8 timer siden
Of sml I mean
justin 8 timer siden
Can you do a another video of smoke please Logan
justin 8 timer siden
Logan I love so much I’m a big big fan
maryam kamal
maryam kamal 9 timer siden
Ken Lew
Ken Lew 11 timer siden
makaiah pt
makaiah pt 14 timer siden
he dissed chilli and they actually hate Roy
Steve Menjivar Alvarenga
Edwards Productions
Edwards Productions 22 timer siden
That music kinda sounds like from Charleyyy and friends
honduran boy0085
Richer vs Roy
TheTkrose Dag siden
ok of you didnt notice if you dont give things then why is he giving them his coolness
Pika Dag siden
SML idea: Sick jeffy! jeffy says hes bored, so mari- i mean.. marvin tells him to go play with junior. then jeffy goes to junior who is with joseph and cody. Junior says that they should go to the park and they all agree, and they go to the park but one kid keeps coughing and cody says they shouldnt go near the kid whos coughing because he seems sick. jeffy says that its rude to assume and junior agrees. They go and talk to the kid and then go home, but then all of the sudden jeffy starts to cough also. cody said "thats not very good" or something like that and then it goes on to the next day. jeffy is in bed and he is really sick, then mar.. vin comes and checks on him. Jeffy coughs in marvins face and then marvin got really sick, too. the sickness spreads to rosalina, juniors dad, and chef pee pee. The sickness gets so worse that they become zombies and junior, joseph and cody have to stop the virus. cody invents a ray that heals them but they have to avoid being coughed on. Joseph gets pulled in by the "zombies" and it turns into some dramatic scene. cody ends up getting infected and throws the gun to junior, who has to shoot all of them without also getting infected. then at the last second, junior shoots all of them and the next day they were all healed. oh god. my hand hurts from typing. anyways, thats just a random idea. also sorry i wrote so much lol. SML most likely wont do this idea, because i mean- its an extremely hard video idea.
Alex Ent
Alex Ent Dag siden
Lonely sandwich if you see this I want to say that she deserves that🤣😂
Clover FC
Clover FC Dag siden
Alright i am gonna use rule number 4 thats kinda true Y.O.LO lol🤣🤣
DomXwrld Dag siden
yall know that they are roasting chilly right?
Ro Gacha Snowyz Twin
I get it why it call Roy because junior have a r Joseph have a o and jeffy have a y and it spell ROY XD
Marvin Thomas
Marvin Thomas Dag siden
They should had made Josef keep the chan
Walker Sorenson
Walker Sorenson Dag siden
I really date hot babe on snapchat / my alots tons hot babe really love big pimpin daddy's poppas with my hot babe big pimpin daddy's poppas
ملاك الحمود
So Junior has the r right And Joseph has the o right and Jeffy has the y so r o y ROY🥳🤩!!
darkness and death
darkness and death 2 dager siden
junioR jOseph jeffY what does that spell all together
jamie mclaren
jamie mclaren 2 dager siden
roythenub13 2 dager siden
my name is roy lol
sonnyl 2 dager siden
Lol jeffy my fav character
Overdrive 2 dager siden
Junior only read it 3 times and you need to look and read something 7 times to remember it
Emily Ethan
Emily Ethan 2 dager siden
Do a remake on stuck
Lazar Alabić
Lazar Alabić 3 dager siden
Hey there everyone and welcome back to another Essay Comment Time! This is the part of the time when I write an essay in comments or things that are unrelated to the videos because there aren't any other videos where I can say that! If you want to see more essays that I wrote in different videos, you can go ahead and see them now! I hope you guys enjoy it! I once found in Roblox some player named "lazarcar" something, not only he is from Serbia like me but his name is Lazar like mine. He told me he was born on December the 31st of 2006, not only one day before a New Year but in 2006 while I was in 2005. But did you also know that I once played a Roblox game called Hide and Seek Ultimate and I got a friend named Viper_Poison, and not only he was also born then but in 2009? I also played that game when 12 hours passed into the beginning of 2020. Then, we played Vehicle Simulator and I met another player who is also from Balkan named PetarPopovicDragon and that happened when 12 hours passed into June the 30th of 2021 when it was my 16th birthday and I kept trying to tell them some of those things, but I never could because they kept getting hashtagged, and when I tried to chat with him in my chat and party the messages keep getting moderated and not sent. I also played that game when 12 hours passed into June the 30th of 2019 when it was my 14th birthday and then I also told them that. Then, we played Work at a Pizza Place and when I was doing that, one player told me to stop talking because that was too much.
DanTDM Thirtyacre 2
DanTDM Thirtyacre 2 3 dager siden
Nah you seem like skank , Im not a skank
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown 3 dager siden
Roy get hard 😱
Deborah Wilson
Deborah Wilson 3 dager siden
What the heck
Ash music
Ash music 3 dager siden
Pee pee
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 4 dager siden
I’ll never get that vaccine :>
Lamont harrigan
Lamont harrigan 4 dager siden
Jeffy was mostly calm
Zaid Zaid
Zaid Zaid 4 dager siden
Nicolas Fire&Ice
Nicolas Fire&Ice 4 dager siden
12:38 Kapi in Friday night funkin omega mod be like
Pezoke 4 dager siden
Nice vid
Heidy 4 dager siden
they should do "Roy Rejected!"
Aydan Gamestreamer
no "'royjected"
Keyry603 martinez
Keyry603 martinez 4 dager siden
Sml do a video in August. roy vs richard
XZQMN VLOGS 4 dager siden
If I trick you pin me …readmore
The only letter jr kept was r for Joseph he kept the o and Jeffy kept was y
Boys Club Limited
Boys Club Limited 4 dager siden
JR what the fuck
Bola Adejuwon
Bola Adejuwon 4 dager siden
I just noticed Roy has the same actor as cody
kyle crosby
kyle crosby 4 dager siden
Please makeavideowherejeffygets marriedpls
Mato Wi Raines
Mato Wi Raines 4 dager siden
At 2:21 he said scuroy
Zach Miny
Zach Miny 4 dager siden
congrats on 6 mil
Underwatersecret29 5 dager siden
Roy is roy-alty
smmyj5 5 dager siden
I’m Your biggest fan
S Cooper
S Cooper 5 dager siden
Please don't swear
Jbaby910 5 dager siden
If y'all notice Jr has a r and Joseph has an o and Jeffy has a y that spells roy
FrostProAtShindo 5 dager siden
Damien Coon
Damien Coon 5 dager siden
It is now super marven Logan
Dreambert 900
Dreambert 900 5 dager siden
4:57 if you listen closely you can hear the charleyyy and friends theme
Anastaisa Jones
Anastaisa Jones 5 dager siden
how do you have so meany sub
Spades 5 dager siden
I miss the plushies
Enouix 6 dager siden
El munacho Casa si me pucho 🥱 moy bran’O Me No Speak Español🤫 Bonjour m'appelle Enouix Je poste des vidéos de jeux!
Den Yil
Den Yil 6 dager siden
You know how jeffy has a different mom and dad he has a new name now it’s called ROY
Baby boy.g
Baby boy.g 6 dager siden
Wolfie Mar
Wolfie Mar 6 dager siden
4:58 Isn't that the "charleyyy and friends was filmed infront of a live audience" sound in the background?
Issaih Gueringer
Issaih Gueringer 6 dager siden
I hate roy
Robo 3000
Robo 3000 7 dager siden
roy is not real he is a puppet so he can steal girls or my girl XD
giaslavik 7 dager siden
Wait did it say code?
Aliyah Reynolds
Aliyah Reynolds 7 dager siden
ROBLOX 7 dager siden
That popcorn looks delicious
Turique’s Love
Turique’s Love 7 dager siden
Sml idea: jr becomes Roy
Jayden Motta
Jayden Motta 7 dager siden
They call me Snowy
They call me Snowy 7 dager siden
4:58 who hears the charleyyy and friends theme song?
Inherently irrelevant to most escapades Nate
I tried his rules and the girl slapped me and said “I’m in a marriage” shit was really weird
Hy Po
Hy Po 7 dager siden
Roy failed at the very beginning at the school dance Bc Chef pee pee is single
ay yo
ay yo 7 dager siden
Can you make. A video where a potion Is A talking cat and do it on your cat
Usagi_San 7 dager siden
I love super mario logan aka sml I wish I could be apart of it even tho I am a kid 😢
Quinn R
Quinn R 8 dager siden
Junior is bad and because Roy he make void his girlfriends we’ve we’ve we’ve is Junior’
Naruto edits
Naruto edits 8 dager siden
Bebop 8 dager siden
Why dosnt Joseph have eye brows
naruto uzimaki
naruto uzimaki 8 dager siden
2:08 just to get back to the part I was at
matt 8 dager siden
Was the vaccine is out when this video came out
Antonio Joachin
Antonio Joachin 8 dager siden
I just realized that Jeffy Joseph and jr all start with j and Roy switched there name in order like jr r Joseph o jeffy yand it spells out Roy
Spartanking2010 8 dager siden
oooOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo mMMMmmmYYYYYYY yyyyyyyyyy GGGggggOOooodddDDDd
vibin._. Ghost
vibin._. Ghost 9 dager siden
The sad truth behind Roy…
Elsie Ndlovu
Elsie Ndlovu 9 dager siden
Juan verified check mark
9:57 Joseph’s back
Abuelita Tita
Abuelita Tita 9 dager siden
Fucking shame how joseph had a good outfit
Andrew Contreras
Andrew Contreras 9 dager siden
void edits
void edits 9 dager siden
Hey can u make a shirt for jeffy but it says void new name for jeffy or just make the puppet have a market and a shirt u can name it yourself
Blazely 10 dager siden
:roy never pay for anything :junior alright roy here is ur 300 dollars rlly
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 10 dager siden
Vib 10 dager siden
just ask craig
Jace Rohr
Jace Rohr 10 dager siden
Did you know chilly cheated on Logan with a dud rlly name Roy
DarwishDaN00b 11 dager siden
Tbh I think Jeffy is the coolest out of them all
Safwat Rajjo
Safwat Rajjo Dag siden
Santiago Reza
Santiago Reza 11 dager siden
The main Roy failed at being Roy in the start when he said"lady's lady's come back"so not Roy.
Ladi Elegance
Ladi Elegance 11 dager siden
The people named Roy Other roys Also me named Roy
Angel the queen
Angel the queen 11 dager siden
3:193 is so funny
Angel the queen
Angel the queen 11 dager siden
music and meme club
music and meme club 11 dager siden
helo sml im going to orlando florida on septemper 3rd 2021 can you see if you want to film a video at universal islands of adventure im a big fan please can you record with me on September 4
Norma Bowling
Norma Bowling 11 dager siden
I got a old Joseph plushie
Goku132 11 dager siden
Lino Merlin
Lino Merlin 12 dager siden
Umm Roy said never Pay and jr he payed Roy 300
Debbie Hoffman
Debbie Hoffman 12 dager siden
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