SML Movie: Junior's iPad! 

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Junior receive's an iPad in the mail but it's not his!




13. mars. 2021





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SML 2 måneder siden
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Dia Mirza
Dia Mirza 5 dager siden
Shazil ❤️❤️❤️❤️🗝️❤️
Christian Smith
Christian Smith 5 dager siden
I love you guys
iSnipe_Bros 6 dager siden
Lori Chavez
Lori Chavez 6 dager siden
Okay 👍
Psycho Voaxy
Psycho Voaxy Time siden
They all went to a contest the dog contest
Cayden Addison Cayden Addison
purmishion to search your house say what
Cayden Addison Cayden Addison
10:08 loll
quxiy 16 timer siden
quxiy 16 timer siden
quxiy 16 timer siden
Charlene Bridges
Charlene Bridges 17 timer siden
Taco Bell has a new thing it's called freeshavakadoo Shabaka do
Jack Cecilio
Jack Cecilio Dag siden
I like how you can obviously tell that the ipad was broken with a hammer or mallet or something.
HD - 05CA 806672 Parkway PS
Jamal go like sheeeeeeeeeeesh
Psycho killer
Psycho killer Dag siden
I willmuse it for McDonald’s
Brian D Mendez
Brian D Mendez Dag siden
Junior is so stupid
MrMan Byers
MrMan Byers Dag siden
I love the Simpsons reference with Oliver Closhoff
Killerwolf84 Dag siden
6:21 ooooo daddy hit me harder
Plentiful Games
Plentiful Games Dag siden
An ipad is literally one of my dreams. It is also crazy that I'm an android fan but still wants apple tablet
JKZ Family
JKZ Family Dag siden
Janet Devine
Janet Devine Dag siden
Ol of her close off...
Cool Lion
Cool Lion 2 dager siden
I love your vids
NoobMasterr R
NoobMasterr R 2 dager siden
So on this episode mr Goodman started to count his money
Calvin Marks
Calvin Marks 2 dager siden
if i received an ipad i would just throw it on the ground and burn it MUA HA HA
Abbey Lara
Abbey Lara 2 dager siden
I have one of those
Cian Collins
Cian Collins 2 dager siden
I just got the same ipad
Nathan The Extreme Gamer
x Roblox Jess x
x Roblox Jess x 2 dager siden
Ugly not
Richard The King Hallel Fan AKHHT
Why Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn Guy don't have legs?
Richard The King Hallel Fan AKHHT
I want to see Junior with the pixelated glasses
mounty 2 dager siden
great vid
Sloppy joe 3607
Sloppy joe 3607 2 dager siden
That poor ipad
Eli Lopez
Eli Lopez 3 dager siden
Sami unknown
Sami unknown 3 dager siden
video idea drunken
Jake komp 2
Jake komp 2 3 dager siden
>:( I live in ca
Anthony 3 dager siden
Jakob Esparza
Jakob Esparza 3 dager siden
He entered in it
Jakob Esparza
Jakob Esparza 3 dager siden
The dog contest
mcdev123 3 dager siden
Orientheius Wallace
Orientheius Wallace 3 dager siden
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove your videos
Hamdan Ahmad Jassim Akran Al-Ali
little Ely vlogs
little Ely vlogs 4 dager siden
Not me watching this on my iPad 😂
B34t3nUpBiscuits 4 dager siden
Oliver 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hey! Its Irish
Hey! Its Irish 4 dager siden
Darn it 😂
Meme reddit
Meme reddit 4 dager siden
Guess what, the box said for Oliver, and my names Oliver😂😂
TheDiamondMaster 4 dager siden
How do you accidentally deliver a package that’s supposed to go to California to Florida? ITS ACROSS THE COUNTRY! I know it’s for the purpose of the video, but like, how?
James Diego
James Diego 4 dager siden
The ipad got broken on the ground
Super Rabbit
Super Rabbit 4 dager siden
If junior didn't care about the fake Story why'd he care about Luke
James Rusherboy
James Rusherboy 4 dager siden
I would just keep the iPad and do a durability test on it. You know like if it is durable.
that random youtube
that random youtube 5 dager siden
DZANAN-HANGOUTS 5 dager siden
Final memories
ali zada
ali zada 5 dager siden
Love you guys
URIEL COYOTL 6 dager siden
so cool
Mason Faunce
Mason Faunce 6 dager siden
they ruined jr
Moral 6 dager siden
I would keep it and set it up with my account and hide it from the pigs
lathem Anderson
lathem Anderson 6 dager siden
Tyler Schultz
Tyler Schultz 6 dager siden
I laughed my ass off when I saw the I pad was obviously hit with a hammer 12 times😂😂
Kepon you
Kepon you 6 dager siden
Monny BANDZ 6 dager siden
Buy another one from the store
ayad subhi
ayad subhi 6 dager siden
ayad subhi
ayad subhi 6 dager siden
kr needed ex was d f red as ed we e de d de fed de tw rw rw re g v b if fed red red as ed was s da ex c x fed fed ur tv go her hub on on d percentage
ayad subhi
ayad subhi 6 dager siden
Ada Kilit
Ada Kilit 6 dager siden
Give it to my mom so she gets in trouble I would say: Mom I got you a present And my mom would say Oh thanks And then she would take the package
CoomingDuck 6 dager siden
transphobia 😐
Jesus Loves you
Jesus Loves you 6 dager siden
Jesus loves you
Hank J. WimbleTon
Hank J. WimbleTon 6 dager siden
funi religious vid: nosections.info/green/ymeKnpSCg3qNkaY/video.html
Ann Aragon
Ann Aragon 6 dager siden
Am am a big fan
Ann Aragon
Ann Aragon 6 dager siden
hi login 😁
Eyefred 123
Eyefred 123 5 dager siden
Do u mean logan
LIL Squidward yt
LIL Squidward yt 6 dager siden
Can you do the pokémon series again that was fun
Rom Row
Rom Row 6 dager siden
/)oo(\ _/\_
Rom Row
Rom Row 6 dager siden
/)(\ /\
Jay Day
Jay Day 7 dager siden
AerialSong 7 dager siden
0:00 Nam flashbacks to 2008 Smosh
Mathew Gallway
Mathew Gallway 7 dager siden
Reddy Escobar
Reddy Escobar 7 dager siden
AaaaI’m not gonna be found love you hands
Hello 7 dager siden
Cody always has to be the perfect kid and so worried about everything lol
AveriStylus 3 dager siden
It still says joined 6 days ago
Darling 4 dager siden
Damn new account made 6 days ago
Sara Brar
Sara Brar 7 dager siden
Smr aka Super Mario Ricardo
4:39 4:41
Bear trap
Bear trap 8 dager siden
Oliver Martinez
Oliver Martinez 8 dager siden
Doggy lover!!!
Doggy lover!!! 9 dager siden
0:27 He sounds like a chicken.
BB Squad
BB Squad 9 dager siden
Watch xxnx
Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace 9 dager siden
ipap play roblox
bugger dog
bugger dog 9 dager siden
OK oh yesss PP
Samyar ali
Samyar ali 9 dager siden
Shaniah Barnes
Shaniah Barnes 9 dager siden
Drew wright
Drew wright 9 dager siden
Haha Oliver Closhoff
Ryder Casillas
Ryder Casillas 9 dager siden
I would sell it for money
Karen Vargas
Karen Vargas 10 dager siden
Corithians 4:15
FLASH pratt
FLASH pratt 10 dager siden
Darknightdragon Wolf
Darknightdragon Wolf 10 dager siden
Cheff pee pee is werid becasue nobody in the world eats dounnuts nacked
Oliver Goble
Oliver Goble 10 dager siden
My name is Oliver
Samaya Etiennw
Samaya Etiennw 10 dager siden
I live in Florida and got the same iPad
Jacob Rubio
Jacob Rubio 10 dager siden
I won the contest which is goku kaioken
Ethan Filmer
Ethan Filmer 10 dager siden
0:28 Chef pee sounds like a chicken
LuigiTunnel w Frank Behringer the Prairie Dog!
I would give it to the right person, because I already have one
Connor Fainter
Connor Fainter 11 dager siden
Keep it
1930 The Creator
1930 The Creator 11 dager siden
Eating donuts with clothes on isn't unusual Chef pee pee is the weirdo not junior
Sml repost TikTok
Sml repost TikTok 11 dager siden
InotAlexbrinecutey 11 dager siden
them with an ipad pro: YAY Me: Dang i wis i had the same ipad 10 seconds later Me: Oh yeh i have the same ipad
Ayovictor 11 dager siden
I have 1 of that
vkuni559 k
vkuni559 k 11 dager siden
I broke a pinky promise almost a million times
El- Hadj
El- Hadj 11 dager siden
im an Angry Birds fan. and im watching a SML Video that had Angry Birds in it. Logan is a Genius. God bless him.
ZHX_YT 11 dager siden
This is how many people Miss the plushy‘s 👇🏻
TIG ER 11 dager siden
is it the weird start I swear
TS Show
TS Show 12 dager siden
J:dude I smell pigs! Jr:the cops?! J:yeah the angry birds hate pigs and we hate pigs. Gorge and Peppa:why do you hate us?! Gorge and Peppa:(cries😥)