SML Movie: Jeffy's Easter Eggs! 

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4. april. 2021





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SML Måned siden
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Sxbas Gamxs
Sxbas Gamxs 11 dager siden
Chase Hill
Chase Hill 11 dager siden
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams 26 dager siden
Kelly Carter Scott
Kelly Carter Scott Måned siden
500 baby
David Flores
David Flores Måned siden
LAIN SCHNURR 20 timer siden
That’s a female chicken. Why is voiced by a male. I think it’s Lance that voiced her.
Scpwhy 23 timer siden
10:01 out of character moment
Devonte The Dog
Devonte The Dog Dag siden
1:11 Mr Chicken: 🖕
MondaeeReactz 2 dager siden
Logan remember on a Jeffys 18th bday he gets mikkiosn
Lanay Mose
Lanay Mose 2 dager siden
I removed
Bryce Quattrone
Bryce Quattrone 3 dager siden
Why does the chicken sound like Jacky chew aka Jeffy's teacher
Peter On YT Playstation And Xbox Fan
Hamdan Ahmad Jassim Akran Al-Ali
Zachary Roark
Zachary Roark 4 dager siden
i will buy puppet jeffy booger junior joeseph cody
shaun dodgson
shaun dodgson 4 dager siden
My puppet, Raggy the hound dog and Brooklyn Guy would might get a cure to get rid of Rosalina's Ovophobia.
Trash in a mash Uwu
Trash in a mash Uwu 5 dager siden
Still good tho
Trash in a mash Uwu
Trash in a mash Uwu 5 dager siden
I miss the old puppets
Mirna Mansilla
Mirna Mansilla 5 dager siden
Sunny side kids lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐖🐱
Tariq Boukarih
Tariq Boukarih 5 dager siden
Hop hop hop like the bunny do it
Allycia Ransom
Allycia Ransom 5 dager siden
The chicken on the news made me laugh so hard. I watched this on Easter, and I was drinking water, and I almost spit it out 😂😂😂😂😂
Suyapa Galvez
Suyapa Galvez 5 dager siden
1:11 That chicken be like “take this c**t” #memes
Alex Charles
Alex Charles 6 dager siden
They should remake the Hop hop like a bunny do
Hm all I got to say is FUCK NO
Bruce the Brown
Bruce the Brown 6 dager siden
I hate Jeffy’s Mom she is such a Karen
What the fuck does that have anything to do with the video go to jeffy and jr goes to prison and say the same thing
Arturo Leal
Arturo Leal 6 dager siden
Aied Alramo
Aied Alramo 7 dager siden
No just wait a minute.
King90 7 dager siden
Adrian Arriola
Adrian Arriola 7 dager siden
I remember that
Jull Elle
Jull Elle 8 dager siden
Why did the chicken cross the road
Fish’s Gang
Fish’s Gang 8 dager siden
1:12 is funny 😂😂😂😂
Bold And Brash
Bold And Brash 9 dager siden
A butt load is a unit measurement its is equal to two barrels
izzy cameron
izzy cameron 9 dager siden
E G G S!!!!
Official Ruv
Official Ruv 9 dager siden
Fun fact: The joke "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other path." Which doesn't mean that the chicken had to get to the other side. It means he died.
Jaredpower101 9 dager siden
10:01 not just a wait a minute 🤣🤣
Helen Perez
Helen Perez 9 dager siden
Hi If you made it this far congrats
Helen Perez
Helen Perez 9 dager siden
9:21 anyone know what the chicken and rose where doing I already know
Claytons World
Claytons World 9 dager siden
Not just a wait a minute
Claytons World
Claytons World 9 dager siden
Noah Asay
Noah Asay 10 dager siden
Mario: who would you choose? Answer: Super D
Jon Charles Spain
Jon Charles Spain 10 dager siden
if jeffy had his 16th birthday why is he still a cry baby?
Maureen McLellan
Maureen McLellan 10 dager siden
Hi thanks for changing my life forever with SML my life has changed I’ve been watching SNL for almost 8 years!
Leonardo Lopes
Leonardo Lopes 10 dager siden
Mario use annoying Rado
Shawn E. Studios Production
10:01 10:02 10:03
Ultimate Basement Dweller
Mario was just cucked by a chicken..
Logan McGlynn
Logan McGlynn 12 dager siden
Rosalina got some chicken fingers 😏
Random Idiot
Random Idiot 12 dager siden
Bet rosalina had a better time with the chicken than mario
Ray River
Ray River 13 dager siden
That noise Rosalina did tho 0:46 😂😂😂
Barbara Bronson
Barbara Bronson 13 dager siden
Gwen long and the family of a young 7woman who 568567th and daughter died 57at are gone now seeing 7AM as 7AM in Peace and to be in their own hands in Peace of course they 65th place and they are all 86th century and miss you have a great person and a good idea for your own world to be in a place where are they going yet you know that 6they 5is 6is and 6the people are not going anywhere in the 6world 6to 6and and I love you so many times on your end of day to get a job Kaleb is well worth it 4th time flies out and I have a lot to you and 5the other game on Facebook's issue and 6th century older andrea it has to do with my own personal life or something 8th guys came back to my house and I love the 8PM and the New York times on the 9th great nephew I love you more like a little more fun to 🍎🥰🐱😂
Faiyek Matti
Faiyek Matti 13 dager siden
Did you now that there is 2 Easter 1 normal Easter 2 orthodox Easter that is my Easter my Easter is orthodox and that was Sunday
Itz_Ez 13 dager siden
did she... with the chicken???
Jedyn Smith
Jedyn Smith 13 dager siden
I would’ve divorced her for that
Idk Idk
Idk Idk 13 dager siden
I was not expecting the chicken with the middle finger that was hilarious
Kai Tube
Kai Tube 14 dager siden
NOT JUST A *wait a minute*
scd4 14 dager siden
I got the joke of Jeffy at the end of the video he's talking about dragon Ball z
scd4 14 dager siden
Fuck chickens 🖕
JL the editor 2020
JL the editor 2020 14 dager siden
Me: what does that finger mean? Sml: it doesn't mean the f word it means they love you Me: oh
Jacopo the Windows Fan
Jacopo the Windows Fan 14 dager siden
10:00 chef pee pee improved his cooking!
A Canadian
A Canadian 14 dager siden
Remember when Luigi was a thing
Johnny Parra
Johnny Parra 14 dager siden
Rosalina is such a sl*t
Dongiro !
Dongiro ! 15 dager siden
I cried laughing when he said "Oh so that's how you think chicken sound like, well this is how you sound like 🖕!!"
Jay 2000
Jay 2000 15 dager siden
It's funny that mario pimps out his wife to get eggs just to win eggs in a competition..
Zander Harriss
Zander Harriss 15 dager siden
I love how the chicken 🐓 sticks the middle finger🖕
Liam Playz
Liam Playz 15 dager siden
She’s cheated on mario more times than theyve actually done it
Corey’s Own YouTube
Corey’s Own YouTube 15 dager siden
Me: Hey SML can you make a video about Luigi hates jeffy and Mario and Luigi kidnaps jeffy so Mario saves him SML: No! Me: WELL FINE ILL MAKE IT MYSELF THANKS FOR NOTHING😡😡😡
Notorious Niza
Notorious Niza 15 dager siden
And Where Gonna Ignore how Jeffy act's Like Caillou And Gets His Way.
Mohamed Mostafa
Mohamed Mostafa 15 dager siden
Funny angry chicken 1:20
Mohamed Mostafa
Mohamed Mostafa 15 dager siden
Funny angry chicken 1:19
Ethan Karalis
Ethan Karalis 15 dager siden
I thought Rosalina was scared of eggs
Reefys Feet
Reefys Feet 16 dager siden
8:15 “that’s very nice”
Ccs65 Student
Ccs65 Student 16 dager siden
mairo son 1 and 2
Plasma 16 dager siden
FaZe_godlyy bio
FaZe_godlyy bio 16 dager siden
The racing K1d
The racing K1d 17 dager siden
Did rosalina do sum shit with a chicken oh fuck no
Kate Toby
Kate Toby 17 dager siden
Lol Oil
shdwz the sheep VR
shdwz the sheep VR 17 dager siden
Gigglemcoy Gaming
Gigglemcoy Gaming 17 dager siden
I remember old times 😭😢remember when they shot cody with the gun cause they were cleaning it
Racer Garza
Racer Garza 17 dager siden
I love it your video
Sunlit Flock
Sunlit Flock 17 dager siden
They should make a pig and cow one
hello 17 dager siden
How did u clean up chef pp?
Kleptomaniac 17 dager siden
Only OG's remember when bowser when to the military
master grim
master grim 17 dager siden
Jokes on you guys rosealina didn't experience anything male chickens do not have a penis. Go look it up its true.
Shain Jugert
Shain Jugert 17 dager siden
And mommy looks like she is going super sayen Ahhhhhhhhh(hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
super Astro Astro gamer rapper
rose slept with the chicken that sun of a gun LOL
Elijah Anderson
Elijah Anderson 17 dager siden
Sup logan
Bear Tornado
Bear Tornado 17 dager siden
i'm a bit worried to know what the chicken and rosalina did on a date...
Kalub Canales
Kalub Canales 18 dager siden
Funny when the chicken flips Brooklyn Guy off. 😂😂😂
Scoop 18 dager siden
9:59 hahahahahahahah not just a waith a minute
April Briggs
April Briggs 18 dager siden
If you know what rosalina and the chicken did👇
Marco Natividad
Marco Natividad 18 dager siden
10:00 Not just a wait a minute 🤣😂
William Thomas
William Thomas 18 dager siden
10:01 *not just a wait a minute*
hypnotic _yt
hypnotic _yt 18 dager siden
ʜᴇʟʟᴏ 𝓂𝓎 ᶠʳⁱᵉⁿᵈ
Braden Edwards
Braden Edwards 18 dager siden
AnimeLifeForever 19 dager siden
They all screwed up when Logan said not just a wait a minute
GoldenNoob 19 dager siden
if rose slept with a chicken will she lay a egg?
blood fins
blood fins 19 dager siden
That f#cking random 0:46
PBS Funding Addict
PBS Funding Addict 20 dager siden
0:59 and 1:10 Too clucking bad! 🐓 🥚
PBS Funding Addict
PBS Funding Addict 20 dager siden
0:23 Mario: “He punched me in the face with his foot!” Rosalina: “Mario, it’s called a kick.” Mario: “Yeah, he kicked me.”
lord - ryan
lord - ryan 20 dager siden
wait a minute.... 9:21
Super Sonic Rockz
Super Sonic Rockz 20 dager siden
SGL Movie: Gohan's Easter Eggs!
Edalisa Martinez
Edalisa Martinez 20 dager siden
Ricko The Classic Arcade Gamer
My favorite part is the part with the middle finger!!! LMAO
Drifty boi
Drifty boi 20 dager siden
“What came first the chicken or your wife” Me:Hmm what does he mean(realizes) oh no oh no if you know or if you have a dirty mind you’ll know what that joke was
GalaxyPlayz1980 20 dager siden
1:11 It had me laughing when the chicken gave Brooklyn guy the middle finger 🤣🤣
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Cuphead and Mugman's secret channel
Woah rosalina 😏
Alek Butt
Alek Butt 21 dag siden
How about we paint some humans
Arouzaz II
Arouzaz II 21 dag siden
Most eggs arent fertile
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