SML Movie: The 6th Ring! 

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Black Yoshi finds a super bowl ring and tries to sell it!




16. jan.. 2021





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SML 4 måneder siden
Go watch the behind the scenes: nosections.info/green/14WhgWaUo2egmao/video.html
Leopard's Corner
Leopard's Corner Måned siden
Abednego Lian
Abednego Lian Måned siden
Quindell Griffin
Quindell Griffin 2 måneder siden
224 is the best game owlwlslslsqq2922919919192833847747191938299
Aaron Whyte
Aaron Whyte 3 måneder siden
Oh no he went biiii 😂😂😂
Shawny Harris
Shawny Harris 3 måneder siden
sergio haime
sergio haime 15 timer siden
Rip superbowserlogan 2011-2021
Starz 19 timer siden
Dummy 20 timer siden
Big giant ice i swalloed
Travis n Jaxson Balderi
Make a video where jr goes to get a new Thomas train 🚂
Novak Mandic
Novak Mandic Dag siden
What I saw something worst I saw a dog got run over
Jaswinder Kaur
Jaswinder Kaur Dag siden
He could sell it to bugs bunny cause all tho carrots 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sarah Byfield
Sarah Byfield Dag siden
The weirdest thing is a leaf
Slipknot Duality
You can’t spell Brooklyn Guy without bro
Isaac Moore
Isaac Moore Dag siden
That ain’t my nigga
Aven Aumua
Aven Aumua 2 dager siden
Aiven Pod
Aiven Pod 2 dager siden
Did u see the new thumb nail
faris_hirfan 2 dager siden
SML answer: chicken from kfc
SomeRandomGamer 3 dager siden
9:08, reference to the first jeffy video
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 3 dager siden
I swolowed a chain painful
Ermun 0524
Ermun 0524 3 dager siden
0:23 i need five blbllbllblblbllblblbllbllbssssssss
Ermun 0524
Ermun 0524 2 dager siden
@Zuzy Zee Black Yoshi said 5 dollars
Zuzy Zee
Zuzy Zee 2 dager siden
sunbloxian 3 dager siden
Isn't this a racist video? Here's why. Basically, this video is stereotyping black people by a stolen ring and ransom even though I'm not black. I'm just making a point.
gaming God
gaming God 5 dager siden
The worst thing that I have eaten is a penny
Jamie Baxter
Jamie Baxter 5 dager siden
Ahyanna Bobo
Ahyanna Bobo 6 dager siden
Blakc yyshi in the thumbnail bro
malachi Robinson
malachi Robinson 6 dager siden
A pineapple
YSG Glokk
YSG Glokk 6 dager siden
Wow this is the most stereotypical thing I’ve ever watched they just lost a sub👎🏾
odleyodles Dag siden
Im guessing you came from twitter?
Sebastian Torres
Sebastian Torres 6 dager siden
Sarah-Jane Addlesee
Sarah-Jane Addlesee 6 dager siden
This make me laugh dieing
Tan DaC
Tan DaC 6 dager siden
Rafael Chavez
Rafael Chavez 6 dager siden
Why did the thumbnail change?
YoPro 3 dager siden
@doug ok
doug 3 dager siden
@YoPro for using Nintendo characters
YoPro 3 dager siden
Copyright for what
doug 6 dager siden
Anna Cavalcante
Anna Cavalcante 7 dager siden
A rock
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 7 dager siden
Yall know they changed the thumails
Amanda Barter
Amanda Barter 7 dager siden
Black Yoshi act like a child with a bitch
Xavier Harris
Xavier Harris 8 dager siden
Anikin3279 8 dager siden
Puppet Black yoshi is cod shirt lol
dinonuggies 8 dager siden
its not chips it ChIoPS
LJ Playsanime
LJ Playsanime 8 dager siden
Ehhhh what’s up doc
Alex Ngo
Alex Ngo 8 dager siden
Who is the black guy on the thumbnail (not racist)
Alex Ngo
Alex Ngo 8 dager siden
Oh thx
BrickHillTFL 8 dager siden
Duggie (Black yoshi as human
Ryder Remer
Ryder Remer 8 dager siden
Tracy Harris
Tracy Harris 8 dager siden
Why don’t you guys put black yoshi in the videos anymore
Roxanne furries
Roxanne furries 8 dager siden
11:34 XD my favorite part
Balenced Music
Balenced Music 9 dager siden
I honestly hate black yoshi. He is a very annoying character.
Balenced Music
Balenced Music 8 dager siden
@Mono ‘ because his voice is annoying. Not the voicer. But his voice. The way he talks. He is lazy as all hell. He gets mad whenever something doesn't go his way. And he is all around annoying because he acts like a 5 year old.
Mono ‘
Mono ‘ 8 dager siden
Why do you hate him
L!lx Rps
L!lx Rps 9 dager siden
the worst thing ive ever ate is a WHOLE paper plate- and half a paper cup :>
Riley Gaming
Riley Gaming 9 dager siden
The worst thing that I ever ate was a lego piece
Angus Young
Angus Young 9 dager siden
I saw the behind the scenes and Elaine was loosing it when black yoshi was going yeah yo girlfriend and all that
litlle nugget
litlle nugget 9 dager siden
pov:youre eating ice cream with a spoon in your mouth
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 9 dager siden
It's okay how about you just go to the sewers okay when you get the super bowl ring okay
Bobby Squad
Bobby Squad 9 dager siden
fdz 10 dager siden
Giovanni Mandujano
Giovanni Mandujano 10 dager siden
The thumbnail is black yoshi
PolarBear Gamez
PolarBear Gamez 10 dager siden
Huge question because I want one where did you get you Tom Brady plush
mjellma spahiu
mjellma spahiu 10 dager siden
"finders keppers only works whith pennies and kids you find on youre door step"
Mari Karimi
Mari Karimi 10 dager siden
Once i ate poo poo and i swallowed it with pee pee it tasted like every single person in supermariologan
Here’s Junior
Here’s Junior 10 dager siden
Do more black yoshy
Jesus Vazquez
Jesus Vazquez 10 dager siden
What does COD means
Riley Gaming
Riley Gaming 9 dager siden
Call of duty
Toty3000 10 dager siden
Call of duty
I make Memes
I make Memes 10 dager siden
SML be like: maybe I want views on this video OK then I’m gonna to add Jeffy at the end of the video 9:19
Wilmer Ferman
Wilmer Ferman 10 dager siden
My own throwup
Choppy FN
Choppy FN 10 dager siden
imagine tom brady actually watched this video lmao
Kieron Wheeler
Kieron Wheeler 11 dager siden
No comment because I choose not to respond and that’s my decision
Jayx Rodríguez
Jayx Rodríguez 11 dager siden
Sml Idea : Black Yoshi's Playstation 5
Chance Roy
Chance Roy 6 dager siden
doug 6 dager siden
I like black yoshis new name is duggie
King Vlogs
King Vlogs 6 dager siden
It’s duggie now so it would be Duggies PS5
Jesus Loves you
Jesus Loves you 11 dager siden
Jesus loves you
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Yes I got to the hospital and I’m not coming home 🏡 lol 😂 I’m sorry I’m not coming home yet lol I’m ok 🙂 I’m off tomorrow at work if you have time to come home and I will be at the store 🏬 and
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Ueututu to call display soul is so do ya ko food to kid ur up full HD do u to tell to tell gn go up up to if do us go I come to pick you no by by giving I’d go to go by chi no gn
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Yae is a good idea to have the
chaunybby 11 dager siden
I just want you guys know that I’m ok with that I don’t have any plans with the girls tomorrow at all lol 😂 just want you guys to come out here at your house lol 😆 is ok 👍🏼 is coming over to see if
chaunybby 11 dager siden
I got my haircut and mama
chaunybby 11 dager siden
chaunybby 11 dager siden
I urinating it was ok ok 👍🏼 was just ok lol ok 👍🏼 I hope you have some great 👍🏼 and I love 💕 so happy 😁 birthday to your birthday 🥳 love 💕 birthday 🥳 thank everyone merryiyui iiri io I hope you had a good thanksgiving ojjhuu thank everyone merry merry thanksgiving thank everyone u to go jay the IMO day lol 😆 got it i I’m u I
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Ok I got my phone back from the hospital
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Yes I’m I’m glad you got it to work you were good at the same time I love you ❤️ I love Ry I I Ry r e we typically have to do the other day but I will uhave pe it
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Ok thanks for your text lol 😆 I got to go back to sleep lol I just got off the shower and I just woke you to the hospital lol I got home today I’m going back to sleep 😴 and I’m going back and mama Byrd morning I hope you had a merry thanksgiving merry love to you happy thanksgiving 🦃 love love you guys love 💕 love 💕 I miss you 😢 love you mama love mama Byrd and Raul I love mama nana hi w to see you today lol I hope
chaunybby 11 dager siden
Yes I’m sorry I’m just waiting to get back into it lol 😆 lol I told him that I got to get the car and he got wiry and I got to him lol he’s going to get me some money for the yr to go jay the way to get your haircut and mama and I are coming to the house and mama mama Byrd and Raul want her birthday I love 💕 and
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson 11 dager siden
Im curious to see how the Toad puppet will look
Riley Gaming
Riley Gaming 9 dager siden
Well, it is on the SML Fandom, if u search up “SML Human Puppets” on google
Gh0stjdj 11 dager siden
10:53 lol
doug 6 dager siden
Me in the bathroom:
CrimsonJaw 11 dager siden
Black yoshi is mad funny He needs to be in more videos
Sml 12 dager siden
Beast burger the Karl’s grilled cheese
litlle nugget
litlle nugget 9 dager siden
change your fucking name'
Clxckz SZN
Clxckz SZN 12 dager siden
Oh wow human black yoshi in the thumb nail
CosmicFox 10 dager siden
its actually an edited joseph puppet. notice how the shirt is kinds blurry
Savage M
Savage M 12 dager siden
6:38 He Spelled The Word Black Right
Noobking36 12 dager siden
Bring black Yoshi
Lenny 12 dager siden
MRA 12 dager siden
Perka 12 dager siden
This is currently outdated. Should’ve waited till after the SB Logan.
Gamer kid 64
Gamer kid 64 13 dager siden
1:34 Wait Aren’t You A Cop???????
Gamer kid 64
Gamer kid 64 12 dager siden
Herman Blanco
Herman Blanco 13 dager siden
Felix Rook
Felix Rook 13 dager siden
Zzzzz poo in the poo teeth couldn't get food to do my pants last week
Sam Roedblom
Sam Roedblom 13 dager siden
Can you make a human version of black yoshi SML?
Arnab Biswas
Arnab Biswas 13 dager siden
How how how how
Jossep Juarez Cupul
Jossep Juarez Cupul 13 dager siden
Not to lie the Black Yoshi is kinda weird in the thumbnail
Dallas gray
Dallas gray 13 dager siden
Why would you change black Yoshi key from the same so you can do a Yoshi family thing please can you come just saying if you see this I’ve been a fan for the longest time if you do this one thing
Franscisco Flores
Franscisco Flores 13 dager siden
Dylan Pina
Dylan Pina 13 dager siden
I have eaten a penny when I was 5 lol 😂
Baby Rosalina
Baby Rosalina 13 dager siden
What genders are Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings
Contoons Productions
Contoons Productions 14 dager siden
I'm going to point out that tom Brady's 5th ring that black Yoshi stole was really his 6 ring watch this part for proof 2:27
GH05TYPLAYz 14 dager siden
I thought black Yoshi wont be in any vids until i saw dat thumbnail
Mr King
Mr King 15 dager siden
Baby Rosalina
Baby Rosalina 15 dager siden
I can kind of see the Jimmy John’s logo even though they’re calling that sandwich place Footlong Bangers
Desislava Ruseva
Desislava Ruseva 15 dager siden
Desislava Ruseva
Desislava Ruseva 15 dager siden
Sierra Deneve
Sierra Deneve 16 dager siden
Yes I’m sorry I didn’t get
Jayx Rodríguez
Jayx Rodríguez 16 dager siden
Sml Idea : Black Yoshi meets Red Yoshi
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 14 dager siden
They will need to geta red yoshi puppet and that would take a while
Reena Pothan
Reena Pothan 16 dager siden
Mamqmamammamamamamamamamamamamamamamaamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamammaammammamaammaamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamammaamamamamamamammaammamaamamamammaamamamamamammammamaammaammamamaammaamamammamamaamammamamamaammamamamamammamamamaamamammamamamamamammamamamamamamamamamamaamamamammamaamamam amamamamamamamamamamamamamammaammammamamamamaamamammamamamamamamamamamamamamammamamamammaam,a,a,a,a,a,,a,q,a,as,q,as,q,q,q,q,a,,q,,q,q,q,q,,as,q,q,q,q,q,,,,as,, as,q,q,,q,,,,a,,q,llmamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamaamamamamaamamamammaamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamammamamamaamamamammaamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamammaamamamammamaamammaammamamaamamammamamaamamamamamamammamaamammamamammaamammamamaammaamammaamamamamamamamammaammamamaamamamammamaammamssamammaamamamamammamamamammamamsa,a,,,a,a,a,,a,a,,as,, a ass mamamamamammmamamamammaammamamaammaammaamammamamama
Isra Ghani
Isra Ghani 16 dager siden
where did you get the rings
Westin Vavrusa
Westin Vavrusa 16 dager siden
BlueStarFilms 17 dager siden
What if I need some chippps 0:46
Joshy B
Joshy B 17 dager siden
Black yoshi: I had to google what a looked like Fans : so he did know how to draw a
Cat wait I’m not a cat
ayy ayy
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