SML Movie: Cody's New Friend! 

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Cody gets a new friend and Junior gets jealous!



15. feb.. 2021





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SML 5 måneder siden
Go watch the behind the scenes: nosections.info/green/2Ylkn4GdnoJ_zK4/video.html
Treesh Måned siden
0XL Gaming
0XL Gaming 2 måneder siden
At the end junior just said Luke ema
Mercedes Melo
Mercedes Melo 2 måneder siden
Drift Plays
Drift Plays 3 måneder siden
enchanting fan
enchanting fan 3 måneder siden
Hui Qing
Hui Qing Time siden
EEF 2 timer siden
Damn why is every character I like named myself
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen 4 timer siden
Hi? 😂😂
Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray 14 timer siden
Alabama team I go Tino you no
Bella Lara
Bella Lara 15 timer siden
Sml question: jokes on u I have no friends...
Alex 16 timer siden
they wasted 5$ for toilet paper but since the pandemic happened they could of sold it for 500$ wow that’s free money for sml
Redpanda Studio
Redpanda Studio 17 timer siden
For those who don’t get it his name is Luke Emia. Logan’s old friend (and probably Luke too) had leukemia which is also called blood cancer.
Ziroh 17 timer siden
I feel bad about Luke dieing
laura Banda
laura Banda 19 timer siden
What you want to do today never gets old
𝙇𝙞𝙇𝙮 ꨄ
𝙇𝙞𝙇𝙮 ꨄ 22 timer siden
My best friend is jimin
mike berg
mike berg Dag siden
my best friend is azul
Alaan shingali
Alaan shingali Dag siden
Thatkid_antonio Dag siden
4:15 thats funny
Amaya Hussain
Amaya Hussain Dag siden
My best friend Debbie because I’m going to miss her and were going to split up from school as I’m going to a different school she’s going to a different school and now were upset
Melker Dag siden
Harmony Kay
Harmony Kay Dag siden
For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son to die for you so he can have eternal love,life,more love,comforn,MORRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Activefox Dag siden
Why do they bring girls to their house if they know Cody’s gay
J Vargas
J Vargas Dag siden
Would It Have Been Better If Cody, Joseph, Junior, And Luke Were Friends Together Or Cody Would Not Let Them Be Together
Super Godzilla Ultima taken
I mean. what Junior said does make sense
kam ツ
kam ツ Dag siden
the ending bro 😭
Alex Dag siden
Baylee Walker
Baylee Walker Dag siden
ThePainfulDark Dag siden
At the end luke gives junior his last name of Facebook and like gives him it and junior is like “oooohhhhhh” can someone explain what this means
ThePainfulDark Dag siden
Oh don’t worry I get it
BulletPOOF Dag siden
8:34 Nintendo: Wait, a Mario car, THATS ILLEGAL!!!!
Tylermoulder64@gmail.com Ilovewaffles
Brooklyn guy Is my favorite character hands down, this man cracks me up 🤣
Kienan Sturgess
Kienan Sturgess Dag siden
The idea of getting girls coming over is not a good idea because Cody likes boys
_Daniel 2 dager siden
9:25 he's good at skateboarding lmao
Lawrence Murphy
Lawrence Murphy 2 dager siden
Why is Joseph bald
Rodrigo Sanchez
Rodrigo Sanchez 2 dager siden
Cody don't like girls
Metro1 Pcs
Metro1 Pcs 2 dager siden
This video made me triggered
Gia Bao Tran
Gia Bao Tran 2 dager siden
Công’s dacplgehndgjewkplmnbvvzẵqwéẻèẽẽẹêềểrệ
The Robbie Show
The Robbie Show 3 dager siden
Jr is a jerk!
Ferret Boi
Ferret Boi 3 dager siden
Luke sounds like jeffy
Aaron King
Aaron King 3 dager siden
Typical gamer
Typical gamer 3 dager siden
He said he had 3 go Gertz
Kenisha Pimentel
Kenisha Pimentel 3 dager siden
Loko videos
Loko videos 3 dager siden
SpiralPoliwhirl 4 dager siden
Leuk Emia Wow... Just wow... Also please add him in more vids he's a legend.
H Yesukhei
H Yesukhei 4 dager siden
Why did you say oh at the end?
Ayaan Plays
Ayaan Plays 4 dager siden
Pls search
Val Espinoza
Val Espinoza 4 dager siden
That's not funny my cousin has leukemia and he just died a few days ago so that's not funny
Logan 4 dager siden
(:) ):(
Mary Greer
Mary Greer 4 dager siden
I want to buy the Jeffrey doll it's so cool present to me heroin we live on my wayou're right you're a little bit awake hope you love me listen listen I want to buy it and give it to him please or else I'll remember your coming in and roll over the loop please wait a minute
mario pena
mario pena 4 dager siden
my best friend is walo
Sirena Rekis
Sirena Rekis 4 dager siden
Jeffy was playing the end with luke
Jace equin Pro at fortune good gamer at fortune
For example the first two months of a year in January when I get to see you I have been a couple years ago I was just wondering what I could do with your family that you were up He was the
D Fry
D Fry 4 dager siden
With a gun holding it till his head
Moise Kirongozi
Moise Kirongozi 5 dager siden
mark 5 dager siden
Sml I love your videos
Nancy Anderson
Nancy Anderson 5 dager siden
I know it's off that Joseph has a phone and he's broke
animal lover Lambert
animal lover Lambert 5 dager siden
My best friend is Kenzie loris
nLe Clan
nLe Clan 5 dager siden
this is funny lol
Axolotl Vlogs
Axolotl Vlogs 5 dager siden
Mah best friends name is Abigail lol
Rosey Sun
Rosey Sun 5 dager siden
Umm but Cody is gay
A Stickman
A Stickman 5 dager siden
roasting those teepiers
Tabi 5 dager siden
12:17 feline lukeimia
Jan Cat
Jan Cat 5 dager siden
Azaria Victor
Azaria Victor 5 dager siden
I have no friends
Liberty Thorn
Liberty Thorn 6 dager siden
My best friend is sml
Bacanpancakes productions
I want to see a episode about Cody ending his friendship with jr
Duh 15
Duh 15 Dag siden
@Stickmans Corner it happened like 1 year ago it’s called the school project
Stickmans Corner
Stickmans Corner 2 dager siden
Same bro
Ethan Blackbur
Ethan Blackbur 2 dager siden
Yes sir
CarterPlays 2 dager siden
There was one where Cody broke juniors toy and there not friends anymore
mcav124 4 dager siden
Yes I want to see how it will be and end
Sudip Paul
Sudip Paul 6 dager siden
itsSparklezYT 6 dager siden
Jacqueline Garces
Jacqueline Garces 6 dager siden
Can you explain a money or videos what is Amia
Jey Made
Jey Made 6 dager siden
My best friend name is Anariah she made NOsections channel on NOsections
Hello It me Alexa
Hello It me Alexa 6 dager siden
Nikki Halve
Nikki Halve 6 dager siden
What dose Luke emea mean
Darren Farrugia
Darren Farrugia 7 dager siden
[•MR outer•] Immortal
Aphmau fan
Aphmau fan 7 dager siden
RyaNN 7 dager siden
Joseph’s hat came off lol
West Mitchell
West Mitchell 8 dager siden
eddie_427 8 dager siden
Super bald brothers 😭
Alexis Brown
Alexis Brown 8 dager siden
Alexis Brown
Alexis Brown 8 dager siden
Alexis Brown
Alexis Brown 8 dager siden
Ron Pink
Ron Pink 8 dager siden
I get it they mean lucemia
ZacharyZaxorNotFound 8 dager siden
"I'm sad" "Why dude?" "Because we can't use the plushies anymore" -Junior 2021
Urim Hoxhaj
Urim Hoxhaj 8 dager siden
I dont have a best friend
Alice Pass
Alice Pass 8 dager siden
Isn't Joseph rich ??
Satyawathi Chitturi
Satyawathi Chitturi 9 dager siden
Go gurt
Aryanvsnoob YT
Aryanvsnoob YT 9 dager siden
TheMega Penguin
TheMega Penguin 9 dager siden
Luke 1 Luke 2 Luke 3 Luke 4 Luke 5 Luke 6 Luke 7luke 8 Luke 9 AND Luke 10
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar 9 dager siden
How they got the girls is roy
Kale Ramsay
Kale Ramsay 9 dager siden
😔 "We can't use the plushies anymore"
NinjaTheGorillaRps 9 dager siden
danny plays
danny plays 10 dager siden
my best friend is littile janie and bb
lilaa_50  Henderson
lilaa_50 Henderson 10 dager siden
Junior looks better with the cut
Mauricio Phillips
Mauricio Phillips 10 dager siden
Joseph with his slick comment
o 10 dager siden
Who tp the house then
Ernest Durham
Ernest Durham 10 dager siden
This video is amazing
Denise Ward
Denise Ward 10 dager siden
Analia and Erica
WazyySzn 10 dager siden
im poopin am retarted
Alessandro Mormina
Alessandro Mormina 11 dager siden
Fishy blox sml
Fishy blox sml 11 dager siden
What do you wanna to day
BEANOS MAN 11 dager siden
I love how junior said that it was Joseph's idea to get Luke arrested even tho he didn't. Junior did. And Joseph went with it.
Brendan Stephens
Brendan Stephens 9 dager siden
BEANOS MAN 9 dager siden
@Saleen Claypool what does that mean?
Saleen Claypool
Saleen Claypool 9 dager siden
Fade_Clapz 11 dager siden
Luke V
Luke V 12 dager siden
My names luke LOL HA it’s like I’m in the video lol
Thesnowmander 11
Thesnowmander 11 11 dager siden
@Luke V LOL 😂
Luke V
Luke V 12 dager siden
And I’m not annoying LOL
invisible trace123
invisible trace123 12 dager siden
i dont get luke emmea
Insane Nugget329
Insane Nugget329 12 dager siden
I love how the Luke puppet is the lance puppet😂😂
SOou brey
SOou brey 12 dager siden
King is my best friend
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