SML Movie: Jeffy and Junior Go To Prison! 

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29. april. 2021





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SML 16 dager siden
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The best YouTuber
This is so funny
juice wrld fan
juice wrld fan 2 timer siden
Super bendy Gang
Super bendy Gang 3 timer siden
Can you do a black Yoshi video?
Muhamad Al fateh
Muhamad Al fateh 5 timer siden
@Joe McFadden um
Allan Nathan Keishing
Allan Nathan Keishing 8 timer siden
y your name is sml
Christopher Damian
Christopher Damian 32 minutter siden
yo the thumpnails are change making it look like clickbait
Chave Briceño
Chave Briceño 36 minutter siden
save sml..
Chave Briceño
Chave Briceño 36 minutter siden
Don't Deleted Third Channel Logan Please.. Don't deleted!
Jacob 54 minutter siden
When it’s junior birthday video your fucking racist
Kassidy gleason
Kassidy gleason Time siden
Make a video were they Jerry gets fidget toys
Farhad Mahmoudi
Farhad Mahmoudi Time siden
plz upload, its been 3 weeks
Warren Leonel Cocson
The return of Mr.winncle!!!!!
Jonathan Cattafesta
You should make a video called Jeffy joins the military
Oliver FS
Oliver FS Time siden
Upload now
???? Time siden
Different channel
Lebron Brothers
Lebron Brothers 2 timer siden
I have a video idea, so I want it to be called chef pee pees mom and chef pee pees mom thought chef pee pee how to cook really horrible and bad also junior and Joseph and Cody make fun of chef pee pees mom
Negetive Lowk
Negetive Lowk 2 timer siden
Wait jeffy is six teen tho?
Negetive Lowk
Negetive Lowk 2 timer siden
If it wasn't family size it would be illegal for him
Vanesa Ratti
Vanesa Ratti 2 timer siden
Dont leave pls
Mememyth 2 timer siden
I kind of realize they broke. 4th wall for the 3 or 4 time.
Κασσιανη Σαμιου
Poor land that had to hurt actually I want that with us still quarantine just kidding
BBEE E 2 timer siden
ᔕᑌᗷᗷ𝙸ᑎ𝙶 ᗷᗩᑕ𝙺 𝚃𝙾 ᗩᑎ𝚈𝙾ᑎ𝙴 𝟹 𝚃𝙸𝙼𝙴𝚂 ᗯᕼ𝙾 ᒪ𝙸𝙺𝙴ᔕ 𝚃ᕼ𝙸ᔕ ᑕ𝙾ᗰᗰ𝙴ᑎ𝚃 👈❤️🔥𝙸'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕ𝚃🔥.
FDNYBeast310 2 timer siden
Like how they went realistic at 0:07
Among us Memes
Among us Memes 2 timer siden
He hasn’t been posted
???? Time siden
Different channel
Doffy_ Vfx
Doffy_ Vfx 2 timer siden
Lmao can’t wait till this yt acc is gone
Doffy_ Vfx
Doffy_ Vfx 2 timer siden
This acc gonna be gone
Doffy_ Vfx
Doffy_ Vfx 2 timer siden
sopur moreoDALET
sopur moreoDALET 2 timer siden
So I changed my name *me*
Twilight_ Fan
Twilight_ Fan 3 timer siden
Bentley Cherveny
Bentley Cherveny 4 timer siden
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson 4 timer siden
Mine is lucky charms
King of the monsters 31
2:22 that face lol
Quintellia 4 timer siden
if bubbles becomes a spider will he be kumoko's friend
Swiper No swiping
Swiper No swiping 4 timer siden
Is this for kids??
Jaedin as blue pikmin
Jaedin as blue pikmin 4 timer siden
i like the plush of mario rosealena jr cody josiph and what hapend to bowser
Peterson cornelius
Peterson cornelius 5 timer siden
Owen Frazier
Owen Frazier 7 timer siden
Is it just me or is SML finally getting good again? After a few bad years I feel like they are finally getting back on a role!
isaiahdaboi 48
isaiahdaboi 48 7 timer siden
I think yall are forgetting the fact that jeffy is 16 now
Odyssey Plushies
Odyssey Plushies 7 timer siden
I guess that this channel has just died along with the rest of them
GamePlayz 7 timer siden
sweet victory
Allan Nathan Keishing
Allan Nathan Keishing 8 timer siden
attack on titans
Shauna Watts
Shauna Watts 9 timer siden
Progress and now
William Harris
William Harris 10 timer siden
Your so cool
yoni azrad
yoni azrad 10 timer siden
If someone did something illegal they are going to jail!
splended zondro
splended zondro 11 timer siden
0:07 fun fact: jeffy's brain is Lance's hand
Eat shit Sherlock
Eat shit Sherlock 12 timer siden
Never in my time did I ever think I'd see bubbles again lmao
John Arvanitis
John Arvanitis 13 timer siden
SML idea: jeffy watches blue's clues
Zachary Souza
Zachary Souza 13 timer siden
What my brother told mom what I did to him when I tap his shoulder 8:50
Drama_boy Ievon
Drama_boy Ievon 13 timer siden
that was to good
Alexander Cuffe
Alexander Cuffe 14 timer siden
Yes of course 😃
Pineapples 14 timer siden
He’s great with kids, that’s why he’s in here
PorgyChris 14 timer siden
You guys should make a video of Ken actually talk or become alive then at the end Cody breaks the machine or a spell wares of then Cody screams at the end or whatever you can think of
Bandit 15 timer siden
6:34 why did he just not walk over and grab this is jeffy exhibiting his dumb nature
Bandit 15 timer siden
I remember the old videos with mr winkle and jeffys mom. And like months ago face eater and now an icon Bubbles b for baradise
Alyssa Q
Alyssa Q 16 timer siden
The bloopers were funny😂🤣😘 love u guys
TJbreh - roblox
TJbreh - roblox 16 timer siden
Dragon 16 timer siden
I am ofer two today
Bandit 16 timer siden
Bubble gang chain
AmunRa 17 timer siden
Funny cuz Miranda is a dude
Kingnosh 17 timer siden
3:22 terrible cry lol
Jordan Haworth
Jordan Haworth 17 timer siden
I Like How They Said Like 30 Days Is A lot When People Go To Prison For 20 Years To Life If There Bad
taliyah fulton
taliyah fulton 17 timer siden
can we get a part 2 of this?
AmunRa 17 timer siden
Who remembers bubbles from Summer School and Mr. Winkle from 1st grade.
AmunRa 17 timer siden
Every court is “guilty until proven innocent” now 🤣🤣🤣
Itzcaplayz 17 timer siden
When next vid
???? Time siden
Different channel
delaney pippin
delaney pippin 17 timer siden
My favorite cereal is obviously pee pee cheerios
Kilzray 18 timer siden
Me when I see Jeffys mom: Shits bouta go down-
Aiden Bautista
Aiden Bautista 18 timer siden
No I want you videos but you’re human ones all I don’t like them not very much let me do a push you be your stead of a puppet video with like the people look like puppets is there a way to put money in it🤬
???? Time siden
They can't if they do they get sued so grow up or don't watch them anymore
Comrade Illuminati lizard people JC
I had a stroke reading this
happy vibes only kailey
Who ever remember bubbles from summer school yall og's
Kidcore_ Bxtch
Kidcore_ Bxtch 18 timer siden
Don’t delete this account
Lavinia Nirso
Lavinia Nirso 18 timer siden
Bruh the way jeffy ran
Deimos 19 timer siden
Now this people, is the end of an era.
Martin Berlanga
Martin Berlanga 19 timer siden
Bubbles is cool
Jose Borja
Jose Borja 19 timer siden
Bubbles seemed nicer than I thought😂🤔
Rock-A-Fire Kid
Rock-A-Fire Kid 19 timer siden
'well thats anoying' LOL
Shadoify 1
Shadoify 1 19 timer siden
B means for baradise
Shadoify 1
Shadoify 1 19 timer siden
(\__/) ( • - •) / >🥡
Demetrius Channel
Demetrius Channel 20 timer siden
Only og’s remember bubbles from summer school
Slick Saiyan
Slick Saiyan 20 timer siden
TanookiLuigiBros 20 timer siden
The last video on this channel. 😞
Minty_rekkt 20 timer siden
Omg I remember mr Winkle only ogs know him
SME 20 timer siden
The last video on SBL😣
GamingXan5000 20 timer siden
are you huys gonna do more videos on here? because since you guys cuss and your other channle l cant watch it so please make more on here l need clean jeffy
Just Kaden Jones
Just Kaden Jones 21 time siden
Goofs: When Brooklyn T Guy first appeared and told Junior to buy him some Trix, Junior says “But Trix are for kids” like he knew it was illegal to give Trix to an adult. But 2 scenes later when he has the box of Trix and Jeffy is about to run he says “I thought that was just a commercial” like he didn’t know it was illegal.
sun g
sun g 21 time siden
sml idea: marios eleven, he needs house payment so he robs goodman bank
BD Reborn
BD Reborn 21 time siden
Mommy made me scream
Cooper Andrews
Cooper Andrews 21 time siden
Good by sml movies / super Bowser show
Molten 21 time siden
i like how junior has memories of his 1st grade teacher
Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation 21 time siden
Finalmagistrate1223 21 time siden
Why did Junior and Jeff he went to jail actually Brooklyn T guy you give the money to get tricks for you so does that mean you can go to jail for doing that
svx 21 time siden
I don’t know who Miranda is but I bet she’s got a fat ah
lynette richardson
lynette richardson 22 timer siden
Almidis Delarosa
Almidis Delarosa 22 timer siden
I got a new video for you guys you should do a video when Jeffy has a secret diary and people want to find out what is in jeffy's diary
Chris Delfs
Chris Delfs 22 timer siden
Why would jeffy and junior go to prison for no reason there town sucks
Cheese lover
Cheese lover 22 timer siden
such a masterpiece
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar 22 timer siden
sml ideas goood man goes to jail for monopoloy jeffys thoughts
S3V3N 23 timer siden
Oh god jeffys mom returned
Benic games
Benic games 23 timer siden
Love levels part
Darrell Apple
Darrell Apple Dag siden
Nice video
peelimations Dag siden
I just seen the vids from lances channel with the bloopers there was so much noise lol but I think they should of kept it in it makes if more real
Evelyn Mireles
Evelyn Mireles Dag siden
no jeffy
Fire ball Nate
Fire ball Nate Dag siden
My favorite cereal is macaroni
ihpz Dag siden
That bubble part was so smokth
FazeUp 22
FazeUp 22 Dag siden
I swear jr looks so flipping wierd
Nathen Smith
Nathen Smith Dag siden
Hey sml And tell Jeffy the puppet that I said hey
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