SML Movie: Jeffy and Junior Go To Prison! 

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29. april. 2021





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SML 3 måneder siden
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Liam Hemminger
Liam Hemminger 3 dager siden
I have t guy eeeeeeeeee
No Smoke
No Smoke 18 dager siden
Jrjr Ehdgie
Jrjr Ehdgie 18 dager siden
Frances Mckeever
Frances Mckeever 19 dager siden
I love you jeffy and Jr from callum O'connor
Ionut Mihalcea
Ionut Mihalcea 47 sekunder siden
Make jeffy goes to the moon
Daniel 55 minutter siden
Aloshee Why you’re playing and allAloshee
At 0:46 Junior say tricks Are for kids but at 2:33 Junior say he didn’t know tricks or not for adult
GreenboiInc Time siden
Old sml was the best I wish I can see all the old videos again. Rip
Kenneth Walker
Kenneth Walker 2 timer siden
Why do you own a jail toilet
Yaritza Manzo
Yaritza Manzo 2 timer siden
My fav cereal is sideman toast crunch😍🥰
Yaritza Manzo
Yaritza Manzo 3 timer siden
I like how the police man said stop it to jumper😂😂
Music Ministry Vibes
Music Ministry Vibes 3 timer siden
Nvnnvb. KmfhixfdmkikfkslvjfjsGdsjhsusfhrjehejrhtujhrhjrhtjrjfkefjfjfehfjfhjdemhhjehrkjegrgeggddnjdfjedhegjjrehjhdsgjhjsdgfrjejbngrrhgrhbfbfnfbrnfgnnfnnrjhjn
Jayden Brennan Abaya
Jayden Brennan Abaya 3 timer siden
The officer scam the kids to go to jail
Joe P
Joe P 4 timer siden
Here after the Ajay vid. Never heard of this dipshit beforehand. I can see why kids shouldn't watch this, and why they do.
Montize Watts
Montize Watts 4 timer siden
Trix are for kids
YN4T 5 timer siden
Juanmanuel Suarez
Juanmanuel Suarez 7 timer siden
Not to Adults
Juanmanuel Suarez
Juanmanuel Suarez 7 timer siden
Trix is a Kids Cereal Brand.
Lunatic animator
Lunatic animator 8 timer siden
This is SHIT
Goat Marsh
Goat Marsh 5 timer siden
How ur the one who has 14 subs
Tay K
Tay K 8 timer siden
Windows 98
Windows 98 8 timer siden
This channel is next probably
Gutair boy
Gutair boy 9 timer siden
Video idea. You should do a episode if you want were does bad stuff guy comes back to life and he teams up with the hop hop bunny. They take Jeffy by the rabbit singing and doing the dance and jeffy should do it with him. When they kid nap jeffy Mario and roseilena call the cops which is broken T guy they find jeffy so broklen T guy is about to take a shot on the bunny but than does bad stuff guy knocks out Mario roseliba and broklen T guy. Mario rose and broklen are tied up but jeffy isn’t. Than jeffy wakes up and rose is about to be tortured and in jeffys mind he says who bunny hurt mommy so does some dude I rember and jeffy knocks them down saving everybody when they leave youu should have the bunny get up and flash to the end?
Moky the Gamer
Moky the Gamer 9 timer siden
Legion Of Doom
Legion Of Doom 9 timer siden
bro they should have added little t cody and joesph too the cell
Skent King
Skent King 9 timer siden
Wait isn't Jeffy 16
Coriann Wright
Coriann Wright 10 timer siden
Frutti pebbles
justin 10 timer siden
Because it makes me laught hard
justin 10 timer siden
Please Logan do it
justin 10 timer siden
Logan please a another video of jeffy and mario
Cody Hazlett
Cody Hazlett 10 timer siden
I have a song that would be funny if jeffy sang it it goes Smack that ass Twek them hoes Your mam belongs in chreoes
Lavish Leviathan
Lavish Leviathan 10 timer siden
this video sucks
Lavish Leviathan
Lavish Leviathan 7 timer siden
@TheRyderShow246 Cool yes it does
TheRyderShow246 Cool
TheRyderShow246 Cool 8 timer siden
No it doesn't
Super Nintendo Mason
Super Nintendo Mason 10 timer siden
퀘이커 [PK]
퀘이커 [PK] 10 timer siden
Jeffy's mom backstory
YoUnG_zai😎 11 timer siden
Noah Animations
Noah Animations 11 timer siden
I like when sml breaks the 4th wall
Maxwell Lenczowski
Maxwell Lenczowski 11 timer siden
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 12 timer siden
I came back after 3 or 4 years just to watch this video
Please Don't Pet Me
Please Don't Pet Me 12 timer siden
Recess cereal
Alex St john
Alex St john 13 timer siden
I’m your biggest fan
Lixus 14 timer siden
I hope u never leave yt
Hi I'm Chrissy
Hi I'm Chrissy 14 timer siden
This is supermariologan
Y Tho
Y Tho 14 timer siden
They got Jeffy’s mom Mr. Winkle and bubbles from the first grade series or summer school I don’t remember but this is awesome
Iphonexr320 14 timer siden
I like to watch sml and brewstrewfilms
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 15 timer siden
I didn’t know that
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 15 timer siden
Karl Wray
Karl Wray 16 timer siden
At least they re paid us by doing this instead of the sml movie
Tetrenex Extra
Tetrenex Extra 17 timer siden
Video idea: Homeless Man Is Rich 🤑
Walker Sorenson
Walker Sorenson 17 timer siden
Sleepy 17 timer siden
For the remake of black yosh E you should name him black Toby
Steveyboy56 17 timer siden
Wait jeffy’s sixteen and trix are for 14 and under hmmmm?
Marc.2k 17 timer siden
i like the part where jeffy and junior go to jail
CJ the soul godzilla
CJ the soul godzilla 18 timer siden
0:08 4th wall break ayyyyyy
SkyWolfie Playz
SkyWolfie Playz 18 timer siden
Are u gonna plst
Sharkattack300 69
Sharkattack300 69 19 timer siden
1:59 Such a fake-ass court show 😂😂😂
jimmy thomas
jimmy thomas 20 timer siden
Dude you are so wrong walking kids it has it says it literally says family so everybody get to eat it even adults you dumb head
jimmy thomas
jimmy thomas 20 timer siden
Special Edz
Special Edz 21 time siden
VividLight 21 time siden
only ogs remember original series like the Chef Pee Pee Quits series, the Game Night series, the Playtime series, the Pokémon series, and more.
SeriouslyEmmanuel 19 timer siden
Oh yeah I remember
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 21 time siden
I’ve had the biggest crush on lance and he looked so sunburnt
Michael Pena
Michael Pena 21 time siden
But my fav Is froots loops
Michael Pena
Michael Pena 21 time siden
Bubble: HEY I WILL KISS YOU Police guy: wait what
the real ones podcast
the real ones podcast 22 timer siden
Jeffys helmet when he tried to escape 😂😂
The Sleeping Zhuchengtyrannus
Fruit loops
Ammar Amer
Ammar Amer 22 timer siden
Joshua Cupp
Joshua Cupp 23 timer siden
I love old character references
U should make a sml reacts
MCR _ZNM Dag siden
I SWEAR IF THIS CHANNEL GETS ALL THEIR VIDEOS DELETED LIKE SLL IM GOING TO GET A STICK GO UP TO NINTENDOS FACILITIES AND PUT IT UP ALL THEIR AS-. We lost like sooo many videos in 1! Night, pretty much 40+ videos gone and I’m just soooo annoyed. But theirs nothing we can do for them but subscribe,like and put the post notifications on. At least they got ads on their new channel but I’m so angry that we lost sooo many classic videos from them, no toooooo many classics we now just sbl/super bowser Logan/old sml and the new sml remake channel. At least we now get 4! Videos a week. The crew is rlly trying to give entertainment on the other channel.😢😔
Ilsverront Dag siden
Teletubbyboi 69
Teletubbyboi 69 Dag siden
This channel will be deleted because fuccin Nintendo
Louw Mars
Louw Mars 23 timer siden
I know right 😡😭
MalecxTzy Dag siden
Dylan Argall
Dylan Argall Dag siden
Wait what happened to this channel
Dylan Argall
Dylan Argall Dag siden
@hydro Yt yeah, i just remembered they changed the names of em
hydro Yt
hydro Yt Dag siden
@Dylan Argall I think it’s because they upload new versions of old videos on their new channel
Dylan Argall
Dylan Argall Dag siden
@hydro Yt yeah ik, but this one was working well
hydro Yt
hydro Yt Dag siden
They got a new one
CB S Dag siden
Are they still uploading here will there be another video for this channel in the future
Night Muffins
Night Muffins Dag siden
SML, more like SBL, SPL, and Elaina!
TH MO3W Dag siden
~keys clanging around ~ cop: HEY ~music~ duunnnnnnn jeffy:bonk ~music~........
KingLit100 Dag siden
im a bigger
Your daily  stupid person
Bubble dice
therangerplays fn
I like that leovel was humping the wall🤣😂
¿masker Gaster?
Does Jeff always break the 4 wall 🤔
marshmallow Dag siden
French is for kids
Marcus Gaming
Marcus Gaming Dag siden
Why did Logan show lance to the video
Erica Lineberger
Well now we no where all The old Characters end up to
ya boiii ALEX
ya boiii ALEX Dag siden
Are there going to be more vids
teeaveed Dag siden
I went to jail Be for 🌚 Marvin the marshin
Joey RPS
Joey RPS Dag siden
7:29 just remember, keep it swingin. *dances*
SMS Dag siden
Tuner Dag siden
DinoTV Dag siden
Haydn Kilmister
Haydn Kilmister Dag siden
Make more videos
exquizit Dag siden
Enver Kolpachnikof
You make a episode with the jamanji is the jamanji board game and then junior in a week you know and everyone that junior Cody and Joseph know get sucked into dramoji and then then they get stuck and there's a big spider and then they kill Cody from the spider and then there's much more and then 1 by 1 people die and then Joseph and junior survive and then go back to life but I won't die except junior and Joseph
Miguel Subias
Miguel Subias Dag siden
sml idea bubbles gets out of jail
Connor Prentice
Connor Prentice Dag siden
"NOsections" Sml plush show uploaded a new vid demonitize
Villager Dag siden
Sml video ideas: Jeffys crush Tornado jeffy Brooklyn guys marriage Zombie jeffy Jeffys driving test
Juliet Bradley
Juliet Bradley Dag siden
My favorite cereal is boogerface the come from the nose and there so good
{gámér gírl 105}
Fourth wall is broken and like omg BUT HOW DID HE SURVIVE THE ELECTRICK CHAIR 5 TIMES AND MR WINKELS IS I THINK A the old (I forgot the name)in old old videos like the House that burned down
AngelMercyyy Dag siden
Bye SML 🤧