SML Movie: Flushed Away! 

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14. april. 2021





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SML 3 måneder siden
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Roblox Glitches
Roblox Glitches 3 dager siden
Mr Lol
Mr Lol 16 dager siden
500 commenter
Jenifer Osorio
Jenifer Osorio 27 dager siden
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 29 dager siden
500 comment
Peter Papazian
Peter Papazian Måned siden
: : : /.............:::::;::::::::::&&& ???????^=;$&"&$*#,#
Javier Lazaro blas
Javier Lazaro blas 9 timer siden
I love the tittle Flushed Away because there's a movie called Flushed Away and it's a DreamWorks movie and my Favorite Actor is in HUGH JACKMAN
Edgar Miller
Edgar Miller 9 timer siden
Carmen Torres
Carmen Torres 12 timer siden
R.I.P plushies
mr dumbum boi
mr dumbum boi 20 timer siden
Man i can't believe he deleted his old acc that sucks/:
Duckx Dag siden
sml idea: brooklen guy's divorce he gets divorce cuz he cheats on karen and he is very happy and starts a new life with the new women but the women leaves him and he goes back to karen
Sadiq Daud
Sadiq Daud Dag siden
Wait why can't boingy break up with his wife that is the easiest thing you can do
Sadiq Daud
Sadiq Daud 22 timer siden
@cvld🍄 oh
cvld🍄 Dag siden
Her name is Karen and if he divorces her she'll take half his stuff.
Paris Idehen
Paris Idehen 2 dager siden
Jr I hate u u say that girls are weird it's not fair
Jayden sparrow
Jayden sparrow 2 dager siden
Jayden sparrow
Jayden sparrow 2 dager siden
Jayden sparrow
Jayden sparrow 2 dager siden
Jayden sparrow
Jayden sparrow 2 dager siden
Jayden sparrow
Jayden sparrow 2 dager siden
brittany Voyles
brittany Voyles 3 dager siden
ij y kgu.
Nathalie Estorcien
Nathalie Estorcien 5 dager siden
Did precious died
Sunshine A
Sunshine A 5 dager siden
I hate you guys not our girls do that
the ring falling off 1:19
Ollie Cole
Ollie Cole 5 dager siden
Jr should of sold the ring
CEC Figment
CEC Figment 5 dager siden
This is the only episode were they don’t make fun of Cody
Queen B.
Queen B. 6 dager siden
Joseph: let me get you a tampon so I could get it out Me: tampons go in the front not the back and we don't pee out of our butt stupid
KawaiiPotter917 6 dager siden
reminds me of lord of da rings o-O
Jaythan Thomas
Jaythan Thomas 6 dager siden
It’s rip pp
Lg nitegraal On top
Lg nitegraal On top 6 dager siden
Rip precious
Rashad Brown
Rashad Brown 6 dager siden
How about you just fill the picture for the puppets and then actually have the video of the Nintendo toys
SHAGGY 7 dager siden
Teresa D
Teresa D 7 dager siden
💍 has to be in tolet
Crystal God
Crystal God 8 dager siden
Haywood Hicks
Haywood Hicks 8 dager siden
Flushed away we are flushed away
Keegan johnson
Keegan johnson 8 dager siden
Wait is chef pepe not dead or is he
Darcy Jennings
Darcy Jennings 8 dager siden
Shay L
Shay L 8 dager siden
liz Rosiles
liz Rosiles 8 dager siden
Would you notice that Logan sound like bowser jr and Mario
gray hess
gray hess 9 dager siden
i got alexa add and my god it was 3 am and i got fuk okay
*〜Sxgarpinky〜* 9 dager siden
2:30 It’s not what the for 😂✋
Pika 9 dager siden
the amount of times they had to break their walls for a video is unbelievable
Oliver Hults
Oliver Hults 9 dager siden
Right after broken guy flushed his ring down the toilet a fucking ring alarm video popped up at the perfect time after he said I’m gonna go divorce my wife
wiLLi3m 9 dager siden
So Joseph has a foot fetish? *Interesting*
TehTHQSpartan 10 dager siden
1:38 Junior: I got the ring on my finger. Me: lol you've put it on 2 fingers.
notrippy 10 dager siden
breenz9ck 10 dager siden
I didn't known you knew constipated
Bcboyz Too live
Bcboyz Too live 10 dager siden
Tomi8980 10 dager siden
for the gamecube
Robloxteddybear08 W
Robloxteddybear08 W 11 dager siden
We all sorry Logan that precious passed away we will all remember her 2003-2021 We all appreciate that you make these videos just to make us fell happy! Thank you :)))
Jeremias Alvarez
Jeremias Alvarez 11 dager siden
This reminds me of flushed away the GameCube
kevinsupreme1j 11 dager siden
Copyright title
Mia West
Mia West 11 dager siden
Jr does a good impertinent of a girl
Love fam💖
Love fam💖 11 dager siden
Cody’s mom is not even fat at all
Estelita Kintanar
Estelita Kintanar 11 dager siden
MxghtyDrxgon 11 dager siden
Željko Garašević
Željko Garašević 11 dager siden
Junior Sangha
Junior Sangha 12 dager siden
Do not lie
Debbie Hoffman
Debbie Hoffman 12 dager siden
CesarBl 12 dager siden
He can just devorse her
Julie Hibbett
Julie Hibbett 12 dager siden
Chef pp died ripp
Conan Kennedy
Conan Kennedy 12 dager siden
Ripp lol
Silvr Cello
Silvr Cello 12 dager siden
Shnobz 13 dager siden
In every Sml vid JR make fun of Cody’s mom
Kayleigh Kemp
Kayleigh Kemp 13 dager siden
i tought that penguin was...PABLO
Abomb Alexander 1
Abomb Alexander 1 13 dager siden
Sml idea: The Punishment Codys mom punishes Junior, after Junior calls her a cow, and he ends up getting scared of her and cody
Lucas Willingham
Lucas Willingham 13 dager siden
I love this vid
Nom the Snom
Nom the Snom 13 dager siden
Rip precious the pillow fort conquerer
BritishDeveloperYT 14 dager siden
rip precious
BritishDeveloperYT 14 dager siden
Flushed Away For the game cube!
Angel Unboxes
Angel Unboxes 14 dager siden
Lisa Abbott
Lisa Abbott 14 dager siden
Sweetie Peachy Pie20
Sweetie Peachy Pie20 15 dager siden
I’m very sorry for your loss Logan, your not alone I lost my dog Daisy since 2018 it hurts to loose a pet. Rip Precious 2003- 2021:(
Cash Bar
Cash Bar 14 dager siden
Your a bit late saying that lol
emily surtees
emily surtees 15 dager siden
Rip preci0ous she was a amazing lazy kitty:(
Julisa Marquez
Julisa Marquez 15 dager siden
Juana Beltran
Juana Beltran 15 dager siden
Dovahkiin 1994
Dovahkiin 1994 15 dager siden
I know Cody's parents cheat on each other but Junior is just way too rude to Cody's parents. Making fun of his mom is one thing but forbidding her to use utensils and forcing her to make animal noises is going off the deep end. If I was her I'd smack Junior's head off whenever he makes rude comments like that.
Lps cherry bloom 🍒
Lps cherry bloom 🍒 15 dager siden
Why was the toilet water purple 🤣😂
David DaCosta
David DaCosta 15 dager siden
David DaCosta
David DaCosta 15 dager siden
Logan you’re cool
سهام العنزي
سهام العنزي 15 dager siden
To be honest i saw the ring before he sed
Springtrap😈 16 dager siden
Hi Lad
Hi Lad 16 dager siden
What happened to precious
0061._.C0ff1N 16 dager siden
Dino muggiest and Hawaiian Punch be BUSSIN FR
Aileen 16 dager siden
Fuad Ahmad
Fuad Ahmad 16 dager siden
I am a girl and that was just rude ;-;:(.
Abi Kinsella
Abi Kinsella 16 dager siden
Letegy 17 dager siden
Everyone who disliked flushed there moms ring and broke the wall to find it
Emily Curtin
Emily Curtin 17 dager siden
You guys should do a video called the giant chicken nugget
Seerat Hossain
Seerat Hossain 17 dager siden
Hey why don’t you break up with ur wife Brooklyn guy
Diane Cruz
Diane Cruz 18 dager siden
Cool ROBLOX player 😎
why is there a potato in the toilet
charlie reppond
charlie reppond 18 dager siden
Kree 18 dager siden
the hammer scene one take timmy
Elmer Lorens
Elmer Lorens 18 dager siden
I swear this should be a show on tv it's really funny
Redkoollaid45 IconicClaw
It took me a sec to get that joke at 4:12
William Steffens
William Steffens 19 dager siden
Umm i sill unsure wye he peed on his but he's a boy and that ring must be really important
Sleepy 19 dager siden
NO its rip pp
Kyo Girl
Kyo Girl 19 dager siden
Fun fact: The title of this video is named after a movie
Gäčhâ Jēñńå
Gäčhâ Jēñńå 19 dager siden
My sister name is julia and she is special ed…
O'Ryan Manning
O'Ryan Manning 19 dager siden
“R.I.Pee Pee” LOL
Garcello 19 dager siden
5:03 R.I.P. chef peepee
Yudd Utdiydiy
Yudd Utdiydiy 20 dager siden
They soo savagess becuse they break there walls and stuff savvegedd
Lennox Raso
Lennox Raso 20 dager siden
Scruffy Enzo
Scruffy Enzo 20 dager siden
I just notted hes basicaly johny sins?
DENISE Bell 20 dager siden
SML Movie: The DNA Test!
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