SML Movie: Junior's Cookie Crisp! 

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Junior wants to win a PS5!



30. jan.. 2021





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SML 6 måneder siden
Go watch the behind the scenes: nosections.info/green/r3qpkWd-hKaY0ao/video.html
Ryan 22 dager siden
Nova Youtube
Nova Youtube 2 måneder siden
I want sum cookie crisp after watching this😔
Tyrone 3 måneder siden
Sad 😢 for you
Liam Layt
Liam Layt 3 måneder siden
The hat
Lia Kia
Lia Kia 3 måneder siden
How do you make it so good
Hey! Its Irish
Hey! Its Irish Time siden
So much copyright I love it
Michael Cantu
Michael Cantu 2 timer siden
Ian Seeseequasis
Ian Seeseequasis 3 timer siden
I laughed so hard when tyrone was about to answer the door and he opened it Brooklyn guy said hey there sir Tyrone freak out he said ahhhh it’s the cops😂🤣😆🤣😂😆
ozzy 4 timer siden
Me: eating cookie crisps while watching
Alexa hadassah Santos
Alexa hadassah Santos 8 timer siden
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 10 timer siden
SML Idea: Junior Loses His Bib!
TPF 621
TPF 621 10 timer siden
i like how joseph eats his cookie crisp like woodytw
KindOfASusGamer 10 timer siden
The song in this is bussin
Nicole Oncay
Nicole Oncay 12 timer siden
i thought cody was juwish he doesnt eat bacon!!!!
Gabriel Mau
Gabriel Mau 14 timer siden
Favorite cereal is vegetables
Kizzy Shamsie
Kizzy Shamsie 15 timer siden
I have one cookie crisp cookie crisp are you can eat is cookie Chris
Drippy Cuz
Drippy Cuz 15 timer siden
Daddy If we
Jacob Staughter
Jacob Staughter 16 timer siden
I am a big fan
Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla 17 timer siden
13:10 I like the fact that they're Jewish but he I think he like lettuce guacamole bacon
David Bravo
David Bravo 22 timer siden
"joseph" "heh i called you joseph" for some reason thats funny for me
Darcy Jennings
Darcy Jennings 22 timer siden
Why is chef pp always saying uhm uh uhm uhm am uhmmm
Always Abeeha★♥︎
Always Abeeha★♥︎ 23 timer siden
Are you now it’s just I regular Cheerios they taste really good with milk you got a try them
Xian Dicar
Xian Dicar Dag siden
The real question is how did guy know that the ps5 was in cody house
Mason Drummond
Mason Drummond Dag siden
the one lesson of this video is not to steal but you can copyright people and get sued
Jesus was crucified , bore our sins in his body, he rose from the dead in 3 days, trust in him and gain eternal life. Without him we are lost..........
Missy_ʕ•ᴥ• cloud bear
16:51 LMAO
Cadyn Bradshaw
Cadyn Bradshaw Dag siden
I was dying after Cody said ewww
Francisco Baltazar
Christian Feinstein
3:25 is kind of like 2 tickets
wasp wrap
wasp wrap Dag siden
SML MOVIE PLOT: Junior and his friends want to eat Cookie Crisp for breakfast, but Chef Pee Pee doesn’t let them in the goal of turning them healthy
Nom Dag siden
0:02 hi timed users
Zdeněk Antonín
Faze defaultjr17
Faze defaultjr17 2 dager siden
Subway: 5$…5$ footlong Pizza Hut: don’t out pizza the hut Classic commercial lines 🙂
Mattimus 2 dager siden
7:10 😂 I’m laughing so much
Diana Rangel
Diana Rangel 2 dager siden
I like it
Friday Night Beckham
Friday Night Beckham 2 dager siden
Afxfxgch b bg
Akihiroツ 2 dager siden
The channel got deleted
Graziella Micallef
Graziella Micallef 2 dager siden
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia 2 dager siden
Love Junior song is so fun I love it I always watch it always want to sing that song everyday One night in my bed
safety 2 dager siden
i sang this song like 1 billion times and it still is the bet song ever to exist
Jeff the rapper
Jeff the rapper 2 dager siden
Is the port when Cody got is got in trouble in the other video
A epic gamer
A epic gamer 2 dager siden
Just let goodmen buy Cookie Crisp
the stratton game's
the stratton game's 3 dager siden
my fav is lucky charms
Bobby Marsh
Bobby Marsh 3 dager siden
So thay throw spit and 🗑️ at pp
codGHOST1243 3 dager siden
My favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch
Abigail Canty
Abigail Canty 3 dager siden
Yes you do as to eat veggies
~*Fire Ring studios*~
~*Fire Ring studios*~ 3 dager siden
gimme that food that looks BUSTINNNN
Squirt Rabbit
Squirt Rabbit 3 dager siden
i love they said "im a cookie crisp now" with huggies
Squirt Rabbit
Squirt Rabbit 22 timer siden
@Nick Brewington TRUE
Nick Brewington
Nick Brewington 22 timer siden
but is mr goodman the ceo of it???
Canadian Home Chef
Canadian Home Chef 3 dager siden
I made a game called call of junior u play as junior and kill ur dad
Gameup Mikey
Gameup Mikey 3 dager siden
Yeah this is a miracle yeah Gracie Carrabelle body we can get that if you want to I’m not bad but they can get that if they want to this is America
Gameup Mikey
Gameup Mikey 3 dager siden
Do you crave diabetes check PPPP what kind of name of that the PPE on the phone do you P on the food she PP like what is wrong with you why do you have diabetes if you want to table to go somewhere else and you freak take a nap cookie Chris so I can give them diabetes and why do you care about the body shit PP God you’re so annoying shit PB oh my God
Mona Eldridge
Mona Eldridge 3 dager siden
I live in America 2
Carlos 3 dager siden
Karma hit
Chilten Pro Gameing -Roblox & Stormwork-Grrays Mod
You can’t out cookie the crisp
HellRazor 4 dager siden
Is it just me or did this song go hard!
Jon Stephen
Jon Stephen 4 dager siden
5:22 Junior:Joseph You’re Gonna... MESSED UP
XD_Browser 4 dager siden
Linda Ramey
Linda Ramey 4 dager siden
That penny did not flip perfect they put it stuck in the floor
raquel williams
raquel williams 4 dager siden
raquel williams
raquel williams 4 dager siden
Patrick Jasper
Patrick Jasper 4 dager siden
pov your eating cookie crisp
Liz sparks
Liz sparks 4 dager siden
I love how there’s a good end and the even play with childish puppets and I still watch this
Ronabelle Anne Tadic
Ronabelle Anne Tadic 4 dager siden
Brysonrocket2 Gaming
Brysonrocket2 Gaming 4 dager siden
That how Nintendo sued sml
Luna 4 dager siden
They’re magically delicious
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock 4 dager siden
Cody: Pizza hut Arbys Jr: ignoring Cody
dayyan wazir
dayyan wazir 4 dager siden
My fav cereal is L-L-L-L LUCKY CHARMS
Jack Charlotte
Jack Charlotte 4 dager siden
Know Wonder they got age restricted they copyrighted allot and allot of companies so ye 😂😂😂
that One ahmad alnajjar
Shadow_onxbox 4 dager siden
Wait Joseph can’t play it because he don’t have power
DeMarco1103  /•Čøőķī Pàřťş•
The more you fail the more good luck you get
Isaiah Parker
Isaiah Parker 5 dager siden
Michael Jackson
Keleine Gibbs
Keleine Gibbs 5 dager siden
Razor 5 dager siden
The song should win a grammy
Jayden Diaz
Jayden Diaz 5 dager siden
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce 5 dager siden
Like a good neighbour State Farm is there
5 dager siden
2 easy
jayden simmons
jayden simmons 5 dager siden
hi hi hi hi
Ashley Contreras
Ashley Contreras 5 dager siden
Robert James
Robert James 5 dager siden
How did guy know the ps5 was at Cody house
all gamers are the same
Cookie crisp banana on cookie crisp
Bolt Jupiter
Bolt Jupiter 5 dager siden
Sml Idea: Goodman goes bankrupt
Kyrie Rodwell
Kyrie Rodwell 5 dager siden
Kyrie Rodwell
Kyrie Rodwell 5 dager siden
Kyrie Rodwell
Kyrie Rodwell 5 dager siden
Lazy_ Potato
Lazy_ Potato 6 dager siden
You should remake ths
Shaun Hudson
Shaun Hudson 6 dager siden
Cody makes the song good and I'm eating cookie crisp
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul 6 dager siden
Cookie crisp
Overdrive 6 dager siden
Wait I just noticed how would the cop know that the ps5 was at Cody’s house if he brought it to juniors it’s not like he saw the coin flip
Jake Koschnik
Jake Koschnik 6 dager siden
Why does the cop play spider man if police don’t like Spider-Man🤔
Carter Canuck
Carter Canuck 6 dager siden
Jr is such a sore loser and a baby in this video
The pro gamer 2006
The pro gamer 2006 6 dager siden
Andy world 2
Andy world 2 6 dager siden
Fear Less
Fear Less 6 dager siden
The song was fire
Corey shingler Cj
Corey shingler Cj 6 dager siden
Lol the song funny Cody names everything
Koa plays
Koa plays 6 dager siden
Koa plays
Koa plays 6 dager siden
Dosmo 6 dager siden
make a video where junior gets diabetes
Koa plays
Koa plays 6 dager siden
the cool kid hayhay
the cool kid hayhay 6 dager siden
state farm💀💀
DiggyDec 6 dager siden